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Cast of Characters

Established by agreement of list members in December 1999
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Kristine (Buckley) Brown

I come from a long line of A-Town kids. One side from Ireland the other from Sicily. My mom was a Fitzgerald/Mattaliano. My dad was a Forest/Buckley. My mom's family lived on Palmer Street and if you want a good lunch during the week or a huge breakfast on Saturday morning you can see my uncle Joe at the Legion. My dad lived on Lewis Ave in the house that looks like a castle with the multiple car garage. The Forest side of his family owned a taxi company and the Buckley side owned a milk company and a mens store. They both went to St. Agnes and were in the band. My dad went to AHS class of '67 and my mom was ACHS class of '69. I am the oldest of three children. We went to the Pierce School and the Ottoson. I was the class of '92, Elin was class of '95 and Dan was the class of '01. I married a kid from Arlington who actually grew up in that house that was 48 Broadway. Yes the house that caused a A-List stand off. His name is Rob Brown AHS class of '93. We have two children. Matthew age 9 and Megan age 6. I loved living in Arlington. I believe it made me the person I am today. (Updated 06/07)

Jan Aceti

East Arlington resident since 1995. I started my own consulting practice in 2001, and have found Arlington to be a peaceful and convenient place to live and work. I belong to a wonderful, mind-broadening book group and a career women's group that has been meeting since 1999. Most days I take a walk around town as a break from work and as a daily bit of exercise. (Updated 06/04)

Grace Ackerman

Retired database admin, now working part time at Shattuck Hardware in Arlington and loving it. I've always been a kind of odd job, small time fix it person, so what better place to work than a real hardware store?

For entertainment, I play acoustic guitar, having been a late starter at age 55. Write songs. Had an intense period of open mikes for a few years, but now mostly play for my own pleasure.

My roommate is an 11 year old retired Bengal cat named Gracie. (Disclaimer - she came named that way)

I'm not a native Arlingtonian, but have lived here almost 20 years, and really like the town a lot. I'm in senior housing, behind Trader Joe's, near the bike path and the Res.

I've found this list to be a valuable source of information. It's also helped me lighten my load of possessions, and it's nice to know they are going to someone local. (Updated )

Mim Adkins

Photographer and Graphic Designer. . . Moved to Arlington in '05 from New York City. Lived in Boston/Cambridge for 12 years before that and knew when I returned that I wanted to live in Arlington for it's more spacious & quiet neighborhoods. Adore the many independent small businesses here and the family feel, not to mention the bike path, Spy Pond and ease of getting to places like Walden Pond & the North Shore. I photograph families, couples, pets, weddings, parties and more. Visit for more info! (Updated 06/06)

Linda Agerbak

I've lived here since 2014, after having a stroke. Before that I lived in California. In 2000 I returned home to retire, after 35 years abroad as a writer & editor. (Updated 01/21)

Brian Scott Anderson

Arlington resident for little over a year now. Resident of Cambridge for 10 years, before that. Excited to be getting married to my wonderful fiance this Spring in Arlington, and to start our new lives together here! Work as pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital. Love coaching Arlington Little League! Avid fly fisherman, runner, backpacker and dog lover! (Updated 04/06)

Brian & Cathy Anderson

We are two young professionals who live in the Heights, we are looking to know more about the Arlington community. Combined between the both of us we have traveled 5 out of the 7 continents. We love to spend our time outdoors, go to music concerts, and travel on the weekends. (Updated 06/08)

Scot Applegate

I coordinate the Arlington Norwegian Dance, which is a community
social event that takes place on the third Friday of each month
(except July and August) at the Chruch of our Saviour on Marathon Street
(off Massachusetts Ave) in Arlington. Details are found on the Current
Events forum at the

Arlington Trading Post
or among the listings of other Scandinavian
dance events taking place in Arlington that are hosted by
No partner or experience with Scandinavian folk dance is needed,
but beginners should come near the start of the evening to recieve
basic instruction. All are welcome to just come and listen to the
rare sounds of the Hardanger fiddle and other folk instruments
played by local skilled musicians and guests visiting from across
the U.S. and Norway!

My personal webinfo is found
(Updated 08/06)

John J. Aslanian

Energy & Environment,
Arts Education

(Updated 05/12)

Pavlina Atanasova

I've lived in Arlington for the past 3 years. Started my own personal concierge business servicing Boston area. (Updated 11/13)

Gretchen Bachrach

I have lived on Academy Street in Arlington and taught piano here for 20 years. Before that I taught piano in Brooklyn, New York. I teach beginners, more advanced students, children (7 and older) and adults. I myself am a classical pianist, but many of my students like to work on jazz or popular music as well. My approach is old-fashioned, and my goals are to teach all my students how to read music well, and to expose everybody to as many different styles of music as possible. I have a pretty full schedule, but I'm always interested in talking to potential new students. ( (Updated 09/13)

Laura M Balducci

I moved to Arlington in 2017. I left in 2018 when I got diagnosed with cancer. But I returned in 2019 when I opened my business in the mill st medical building. My goal is to both live and work here again.
I enjoy supporting all the wonderful local businesses here and am proud to now be part of that community.
I practice Chinese and Japanese medicine. I'm currently learning reiki and taking continuing education on oncology and women's reproductive health.
I have a cat named Cooper and enjoy yoga, live music and bicycle rides on the Boston area bike paths.
My arlington list contact is is my local business.

(Updated 02/20)

Andy W. Bartlett

Being a HAM, radio operator - N1OSG, not of the stage that is, I found this site to be unique and interesting. Of course, being a HAM, have to be careful of my meals, as I would not want to be accused of being a cannibal. No Ham sandwiches for me.
Moved to Arlington Heights in October of 2006, and have found the denizens to be freindly and accomodating. Town hall is interesting, and the library is another nice visit.
I like to tinker with "techie" stuff, so if a helping hand is needed, by advise, and free to boot, ask your question. If I don't know, I may know someone that does.

Does anyone know if the town emergency services uses RACES communicators to help around? Or if there is an Arlington based volunteer group that could put a HAM to work? And if you have an interest in volunteering, BAA Marathon, The Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk, I can help direct you to the proper contacts.

73, Andy n1osg (Updated 05/07)

Wes Beal

I'm a recent transplant to Arlington, having moved here in July 2010. Prior to moving to Arlington I've lived all over the place: Los Angeles, Seattle, Lincoln, Topeka, Lawrence Kansas, Alexandria Minnesota, Portland Oregon, Harare Zimbabwe, and other places.

With experience living in many different communities, I feel good about making Arlington my home, and plan on staying here and putting down roots.

My persona on the list oscillates between referee, and grenade-thrower. I freely admit joining in some threads and making some posts just for the sake of entertainment. On the other hand, I have definite opinions on the value of civic participation, and what makes for a healthy civic environment versus what has a negative impact on on our Town's civic health. I frequently engage in debates on the list in the interest of balancing those scales, as I see them. (Updated 03/12)

Steve Berczuk

I live in East Arlington with my wife Melissa, where we own a house that I bought in 1994. I'm
a software engineer and author by trade. I've been a member of the list since close to the beginning. My web page
says more about my interests and background. (Updated 11/05)

Seth Berger

Hello! We moved to Arlington this past year and LOVE IT!!! In warmer weather you'll see us biking the Minuteman Trail or at an exciting ASC game. In colder weather you'll see us shoveling snow or building a snowman (if we have any energy left after shoveling!). If I'm not outside doing one of these things, I am most likely running ASK-4-HELP.COM, a business I started in 2006 that provides computer support to individuals, businesses, and non-profits. Please feel free to send me an email if you are in need of computer support, or visit the ASK-4-HELP.COM web site for additional contact information. (Updated 01/09)

mae berrie

I have recently purchased a home on Gray Street. I am new to Arlington and can not say enough about this darling town. I originally moved to the Boston area to persue my education. (Boston University) Upon graduation I took a job in the city and decided to stay. I am a speech pathologist.
I enjoy hiking, cycling, and kayaking. I am also a vegan and practice nonviolence and pacifism. I participated in the Stonewalk which pulled the Memorial Stone for Unknown Civilians from ground zero to Washington DC.
My immediate family consists of my two cats Pablo and Henri and my adopted greyhound Artemesia. I look foward to meeting people who share similar interests. I can be contacted at (Updated 06/03)

marie bilone

I have been an Arlington resident since 1967 when I moved here with my wonderful parents. They purchased an adorable ranch on Marrigan Street which has been sold since my father's passing. I pressently reside on Sunnyside Avenue which I purchased in 1999 and truly adore the area.Sunnyside Ave is to me Arlington's little secret paradise. Every morning I gaze out my kitchen window and look at the beautiful conservation land which abuts my property and lo and behold in my yard I have beautiful ducklings, Canadian geese, Cardinal's , Bluebirds, Woodpeckers, raccons, squirels and an occasional bunny or two. Looking over at the brook two large swans are seen very frequently dancing in the water. The conservation land is well maintained by the Sunnyside Avenue Community who take an active role in preserving the wildlife
as well. It is a little paridise, oh yes fishing is a passtime here and boating as well. (Updated 03/06)

George Blaszczynski

I am a retired engineer with interest in education, with connections to Minuteman Regional High School (2008). You can occasionally see me and my wife on our tandem bicycle on the Minuteman bikepath. I am an Arlington resident since 1974 and I think this is a great town with wonderful residents. (Updated 02/08)

Ray Bloom

Software Engineer

Town Meeting Member

(Updated 07/03)

Liz Blumenthal

I've been around Spy Pond for about 35 years. Latest News: Mr. Swan clear out the other swans and Canada geese from one end of the pond, so that his new family could move in. There was a parade(Dad in front, the kids, and then Mrs. Swan) Mrs Rabbit nursed her 5-6 babies on our lawn! I saw a red tail hawk lunch on a squirrel on the tree branch. We have our long time owners(Canada Geese) and renters passing through too.

When I meet people(I love riding the bus because there is such a variety), I love to watch people become more of themselves. Try giving a smile or just start talking. It's good for you too.

I watch politics campaigns and hope for more real solutions than accusations. Some people twist the realities into their own agendas! It's amazing that so much gets done in spite of it all. I'd love to see the money given to politics turned over to organizations that really help people like Food for Free, Good Will, Arlington Food Pantry.

I'm also evolving. I love to play piano, jazz, a little Chopin. I also have an garden. I do more of what I want every day. I still do a little coaching and writing. I love old things(my cat, my car, me, my friends, Arlington)

I love living in Arlington. There is so much to do with Town Day, the Arlington List(thanks Richard), Arlington Garden Club, our beautiful library, and art events. Don't you just love the famers market? Oakes Plympton can always use another gleaner if you'd like to help! (Updated 07/12)

John Bodkin

Hello - My family and I just moved to Arlington from Los Angeles. My wife and I are from this area originally having grown up in Bedford and Lincoln respectively, but we met on the west coast. My wife has always wanted to return "home" and now here we are! We love Arlington! We have an 8 year-old boy who is enrolled in Brackett Elementary School. My wife recently received her masters degree as a teacher of the deaf and has a terrific job here in the Boston area. In support of this I concluded my business dealings on the west coast and am currently seeking new opportunity here. I would be very grateful for any contacts or business leads that might get me pointed in the right direction for finding work. I am a Business Management and Internet Marketing Professional with proven experience in helping businesses to grow and to become profitable. Additionally I am very experienced in online lead generation, web marketing, e-commerce, sales organizations, business consulting services, information technology and new product and service innovation. I have a demonstrated history of successful management experiences and of projects initiatives. If you happen to know of someone or an opportunity I might pursue I would be most grateful. Thanks Arlington!! (Updated 06/11)

Noah R. Bombard

Noah R. Bombard is a managing editor with GateHouse Media New England's Northwest unit. He is editor of the Arlington Advocate and works out of the Lexington office where he also manages the Lexington Minuteman, Burlington Union, Winchester Star and Belmont Citizen Herald. (Updated 07/07)

Jim A Bond

My wife & I have lived in Arlington since 1977. We moved all the way from Somerville where we both grew up. We both love Arlington (Updated 11/03)

Eric Bornstein

I am actually a Davis Square, Somerville resident, but am in and out of Arlington regularly. I have a masters degree (ALM) from Harvard Extension School in Fine Arts (art history)and am the artistic director of Behind The Mask Theatre (, a mask theater troupe that performs diverse folk, and other, tales in schools and other venues throughout Massachusetts, generally through Young Audiences of Massachusetts ( Besides teaching a variety of mask making and puppetry classes, I also teach many classes through the Cambridge Center for Adult Education ( including figure/portrait drawing, yoga,massage, jujitsu, and ground fighting. I regularly sub yoga classes in Arlington at Fitness First, and have just started subbing at The Arlington Center, both on Mass Ave. I am a new homeowner (4 years) and my son turns 5 this week. This has prompted me to learn a variety of new skills and value a wider selection of resources and information. My wife, Toni, is a gifted caterer and teaches a variety of Italian and Mediterranean cooking classes through the CCAE. (Updated 10/08)

Jemma Boyle

Resident of Arlington since 1994. Two teenagers and a cat. Live almost in the Heights, near Brattle Square. (Updated 11/09)

Lauren Boyle

I live on the lower end of Jason Street in a two-family fixer-upper that we bought a couple of years ago. I am originally from Akron, Ohio but came out east for college which is when I met my husband John. We have a beautiful baby girl Katie and a fat lovable black lab named Jake. I am a social studies teacher at Waltham High School and John is a police detective in Cambridge. We both have interesting stories at the dinner table each night! The Arlington List is a wonderful way to connect with fellow residents and a great way to stay in touch with the happenings around town. (Updated 04/04)

John Breslin

Married to Melinda. We have 2 boys. (Updated 10/05)

Melinda Breslin

Married to John. We have 2 boys. (Updated 10/05)

Kyle Brooks

I've lived in Arlington for about 10 years and love it here. Someone suggested I come here when I mentioned I'm looking for a roommate and want to advertise my businesses.I'm a member of the Chamber of Commerce (Michele is awesome!) and have gone to many chamber events to network and meet my neighbors. My day job is helping business owners make important decisions about their business by creating quick, easy to understand management reports using existing data. I can also create a custom application for your business. My specialty is MS Access. I can also set up your web site to capture data into a database. Using your time efficiently is important to success. ( My second business is home-based and includes several product lines. I am an ARC/IATAN certified travel agent as well. ( In my spare time (LOL) I do what I love the most; I am a commission songwriter. I have been writing for a really long time and recently decided to actively pursue writing songs for individuals. I heard that most people can't write songs. Is that true? (LOL) Why hire me to write a song? It is a very unique gift for that special someone you just met, you're having a baby, special anniversary, birthday or maybe you just have something to say and don't play an instrument, can't write music and can't sing! I can do it very inexpensively or you can spend loads of dough on a professional, full studio production. Did I mention that I'm also a recording engineer? I do not have a web site yet for my commission song writing, but can send you some song samples upon request until then. I really enjoy networking and meeting people. When I'm not doing any of the above, I'm at the movies, outside on the bike path or walking around my neighborhood. (Updated 03/06)

Marianne E. Brown

I am an attorney with offices at Suite 408, 22 Mill Street in Arlington. You may visit my website at or email me at I have been in practice for over twenty years and recently opened my own office here in Arlington.

On the personal side, I love Arlington and live with my family in East Arlington. We like to walk our adorable "Heinz 57" terrier mix dog around town. I belong to St. Paul's Church and especially enjoy the women's book group. I also enjoy running in local races, bicycling on the bike trail, and swimming at the Boys and Girls Club. I recently completed my first triathlon (slowly). I also play the violin in the Arlington Philharmonic Society. (Updated 07/09)

Bettina Burch


Although I am not an Arlington resident, I hang out in and/or walk to Arlington frequently and am always inspired by the ambience of the trail or the fun niche shops or the array of good food, not to mention the pleasure of seeing a film at the Capitol theater. I also have several good friends that live there. :)

I am a working portrait artist, who resides near Porter Square in Cambridge. I have done commissioned portraiture for the greater part of my life, and have recently begun private tutoring. I have my art in many private and public collections (among which is Harvard University's Harvard Academy). My work is specifically representational portraiture and/or landscapes but within that context I have explored many different genres and utilized a variety of media (including pencil, pen, ink, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and oil).

I am currently offering hour-long classes via Zoom or in-person. This includes a free 30-minute phone consultation to meet and answer any questions you may have.

Please feel free to email me at for more information.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Bettina Burch
(Updated 04/24)

James C.

Love living in Arlington! I'm an editorial cartoonist, musician, former Jazz radio show producer,activist... and if you need painting...Painting by James. Interior/exterior excellent references (Angie's List) Thanks! (Updated )

Janice L Cagan-Teuber

My husband and I bought a house, here in Arlington, in October of 1981. Prior to that, we lived in Watertown. On August 3rd, 1989, our son (Kalman) was born. He is currently (2003) an 8th Grader, at the Ottoson. My husband (Hartmut) is Deaf, and grew up in Germany. He is fluent in 4 languages: German, German Sign Language (DGS), English, and Americal Sign Language (ASL). He teaches ASL at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education (anyone want to learn ASL? His classes run Tuesday evenings). I am an American Sign Language/English Interpreter, and have been self-employed since 1981. Prior to that, I taught DeafBlind children at Perkins School for the Blind. As of November 2003, my husband finally got a full time job, after being laid off in February of 2002. He is now a Teacher of the Deaf at a middle school in Lawrence. And ... our son, Kalman, was cast as Tevye in the Ottoson's school play, Fiddler on the Roof. My husband, as of the end of March, 2004, is no longer employed. He does teach ASL, and often works as a certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) who works in tandem with an interpreter like myself. Kalman was just cast in another play (new, one act) to be performed at the Wheelock Family Theatre. It's called "A Nice Place to Live" and covers an era on Martha's Vineyard where everyone knew sign language, and Deaf people were totally integrated into the fabric of the community.

(Updated 05/04)

Kevin J Cahalane

I moved to Arlington in 2005, to be within walking distance to my shop (World Wind Gifts 185 Mass. Ave...Next to Clay Dreams). I grew up in Cambridge, near the Mount Auburn Hospital, but my family lived on Medford Street, until just before I was born.

In addition to the shop, I recently began working for U.S. Bank, in their Structured Debt area. (It seems that having cool things to sell doesn't guarantee that I'll be overwhelmed with shoppers!) I had almost forgotten what medical insurance and a paycheck were like!

I also collect ancient art...coins, Greek vases, bronze statuettes, etc. I love the connection to people who lived thousands of years ago, whether it's the finger print left by the maker of my terra cotta altar from South Italy 2500 years ago, or the coin whose first owner was Julius Caesar. (Updated 02/07)

Jean Camp

I live in the Heights, Peirce School district, where I am known as the tile lady. If you wonder why, go into Peirce School on the Summer St entrance and look up, to your left. I own my own high-powered commercial grade cotton candy machine. When not in Arlington I am a very solid interdisciplinary research in what was called telecommunications when I entered the area. (Updated 01/04)

Paul Carey

hello Arlington characters! Home of ice hockey players and Thai restaurants and suicidal bicyclists on Mass Ave. I've been here in Arlington since 1998 except for three years in Rockport (sigh) A native of the city next door pronounced Medfid to those who know. I'm a freelance business writer who specializes in professional scribbles on both sides of the purchasing equation (i.e. bids and proposals) but I can do a bang up job on a marketing plan, a biz plan, or a prepared speech too! Oh right and event manifests! I'm a part time but hopelessly devoted dad to a certified wunderkid (pronounced mit a v) who is growing up way too fast at Belmont Day School. I love internet news sites, college hockey, on line or on the table spades, and St Agnes parish! (Updated 01/11)

Rich Carreiro

Software Engineer

Town Meeting Member

Patriots Fan

Tax Geek


"The government that governs best, governs least."

(Updated 02/04)

Nicholas Charles Caruso

Hi. I'm a software engineer, parent, dog person, and dynamist. Susan and I have a daughter, Jennifer, who is seven, and our newest family member Wyatt, now 3.5y.o. We live near the Res, and have since 1994 or so. We have two dogs, a rescued Golden Retriever mix and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. I currently work at the coolest company in the world, IRobot Corporation, where I write control software for large semi-autonomous industrial robots and teleoperated vehicles. (Updated 06/07)

Jeffrey A. Carver

Resident of East Arlington, parent of two daughters (one an AHS graduate now in college, one a homeschooler), science fiction writer (visit my website Science Fiction Worlds at, an occasional teacher of writing (visit Writing Science Fiction at, and an erratic blogger (visit Pushing a Snake Up a Hill at You can catch me rollerblading on the bike path in good weather, or walking my boxer Hermione, occasionally with Moonlight the cat in tow.

(Updated 12/07)

Jeff Chalmers

Born and raised here 40 years ago, I am a Vice President of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate, Inc., with about 9 offices across Massachusetts. After 20 insightful yrs in the mortgage industry, I'm extremely old-fashioned when it comes to customer service, while very savvy with utilizing today's robust, real-time technology to make my client's finance and closing experience fast, easy and stress-free.

I grew up on Newland Road when there were nothing but families on the street and attended Peirce School during the "portables" era. Arlington has really changed in the last 40 years including shaking it's "dry" title and adding several amazing restaurants. While growing up, there were about 12+ pizza places; now, not even half that. Also, the hockey and football teams dominated and were not only locally known, but nationally as well. I hope and wish all teams the best. (Updated 06/12)

Kristin Chalmers

Just moved to Arlington 4 months ago with my husband (he grew up here) and 2 year old son. We were living in Los Angeles where I worked as a producer and a photographer while my husband was the head chef for Lucques Restaurant in West Hollywood. Once we got pregnant, I grew a bit tired of producing and my husband wanted a life, something you don't get in the restaurant biz. So after the birth of our son, I changed my focus (no pun intended) and went from editoral photography to photographing children and pregnancy. My husband left the restaurant and became a private chef. The Reader's Digest version is that we decided that after having our son we really wanted and needed to be near our families. My husband was born and raised in Arlington (or A-town) as he calls it, and I'm originally from Philadelphia but lived in Boston for 4 years while attended Emerson College. We met here, fell in love and then moved to LA. So here we are. We bought a really cute little single family on Forest Street. Our son will be attending Arlington Heights Nusery School next week. I am pounding the pavement to start my photography business here. Please check out my site . My husband is a private chef for a family in Brookline and I must say it's great to be back east. I am trying to meet other moms who are hip, with a great sense of humor who are fun to hang out with. Even though I have a photo biz, I still consider myself a stay at home mom. Something that took about a year to adjust to. (Updated 09/06)

Vicki Chambers

Chambers, 44. My husband, Paul, has lived in Arlington over twenty years,
and I moved here with him when we got married 16 years ago. We live in the
Turkey Hill area with our two daughters, 6 & 9, and three cats. We
actually spent 10 years in one house, and loved the street so much, we
moved across the street to a bigger house! I'm active in Peirce School
PTO. Until being downsized 18 months ago I was an Instructional
Designer/Trainer for GE Capital. Have been making soup for friends and
neighbors for the last ten months and am trying to expand it into a
business, while looking for freelance work. Love to cook, garden and read. (Updated 08/02)

Steph (Stephanie) Chiha

I was raised in Newton, and after college, returned to Massachusetts where I lived in Brookline, Belmont, and Concord before moving to Arlington in 2014. I also lived in Paris for a couple of years. I retired from high tech after spending (too) many years in IT, Finance, and Internal Audit. Now I am happily retired, but back to working full-time as a substitute teacher. I also teach and tutor French to kids and adults. (Updated 07/20)

Avinash Chopde

I live near the center and like to spend my free time in the library.
My personal web site is at:
(Updated 10/04)

Ron Cicotte

I've been an Arlington resident since 1981. I live on Summer Street right across from the Minuteman Bikeway. I've been an independent consultant in Data Architecture and Systems Engineering since 1989 and founded Summer Street Systems in 1992.

Most recently I have established a web site for my Arlington friends called the Arlington Trading Post. When you join the site you will have your own blog and be able to post your photos for your friends and neighbors. There are also forums there where you can post notices for yard sales or sell/trade things you don't need anymore. I hope you'll all take a moment to visit the site and let me know what you think.

(Updated 05/06)

Chris Coffey

I am a former 20-year resident of Arlington, about 10 years in East Arlington (Teel Street) and about 10 years on Foxmeadow Lane. I was in international banking for about 20 years. While still in international banking in 1994, I moved to North Carolina. (Too old for snow, I guess! My wife and I needed a warmer climate to grow old in!) I attended what used to used to be "Junior High East" and graduated from Arlington High School in 1969. BS in Accounting from Bentley College, an Associates in Applied Science from Johnson and Wales, and certified in music theory from Berkeley Conservatory of Music, Boston. I changed working careers in 1995, and am currently a chef with Sodexho Marriott International, assigned to Wingate University, Wingate, NC. I have two children, both boys, ages 25 and 18, and still have family living in Arlington. I've also been a professional musician since I was 13 (way too long ago to remember!). I am currently in 3 dfferent bands in the Charlotte North Carolina area, and have done some private music teaching on bass.
(Updated 01/04)

John A Cogswell

Lynne and I have lived in East Arlington since 02/10/1997. Our daughter Christine was born 02/13/2001. Our dog, Allie, has lived in Arlington since 2000 and, especially for her, life has been really good. (Updated 12/04)

David Coletta

Professionally, I'm a software engineer. I worked at eRoom Technology (bought by Documentum (bought by EMC)) in Cambridge from November 1996 until December 2004, and at Ab Initio Software Corporation in Lexington from January 2005 until January 2006. I cofounded a startup called Virtual Ubiquity to build Buzzword, the first real word processor for the web, and in December 2007 we were acquired by Adobe Systems Inc. In the spring of 1999 my wife and I bought a two-family in the Center, and in the summer of 2004 we sold it and moved to the Heights. I'm interested in on-line community, and I'm a member of the Society of Friends (Quakers). Our daughter Lucy Rain Coletta was born on on May 16, 2003. In the spring of 2004, I was elected to Arlington Town Meeting from precinct 9, and in the spring of 2005 I was re-elected from precinct 14. I chose not to run again in 2006, but I'll probably be back at Town Meeting at some point. I was the manager of the Arlington list from November 25, 1999 until March 4, 2006. My blog is at (Updated 02/08)

Laurel Collins

I have been a member of the List since 2003, when Arlington friends recommended I join. I work in Arlington, have 4 kids 13 and under, am a special education advocate, and have a lot of connections to and good friends in Arlington. My oldest child attends the Ottoson Middle School. My youngest daughter attended preschool/daycare in Arlington. I used to be very active in Democratic politics in my life pre-kids, and did an internship in 1996 with then Arlington State Senator Bob Havern. My kids and I are fans of a variety of Arlington playgrounds and they are especially fond of the "big" slide at park at Robbins Farm. I love Punjab for take-out and Olivio's for a nice dinner out with friends. We really like hiking on Whipple Hill, too, and visiting the llamas. (Updated 11/10)

Douglas Corbett

I grew up in the Heights, Dallin/Locke school area. AHS '88. I got married to Cindy in December 2002. We had been together for nine years already. We love traveling. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music (Celtic, Rock & Ambient). I also play guitar. We've lived in Nashua NH since 2000. We had a baby girl on February 1, 2006, Fiona Elizabeth. (Updated 03/08)

Travis J.I. Corcoran

I'm a software engineer/bibliophile/anarcho-capitalist/amateur carpenter. I
bought my house near Reed's Brook in 1995, and have been modifying it in strange and wondrous
ways since then. Also inhabiting the house are two Australian
Cattle Dogs
, three metal lathes, several guns, ~3.5 x10^3 books, and a
bunch of backpacking equipment. (Updated 01/03)

Lynette Culverhouse

I have lived in Arlington since 1984 and have a daughter who is a junior at the high school and a son who is a freshman at Bard College. I homeschooled my children for 6 years before they started school which was the most gratifying experience of my life. I am an elementary teacher and founded the Mystic River Learning Center in Watertown. I have specialized in math teaching for many years and offer after school math enrichment classes and do individual tutoring in math, reading and writing. (Updated 09/05)

Linda M Cundiff

I moved to East Arlington in 1977, then after an interlude in Belmont 1988-2002, moved back to Summer Street in 2003. I live in a historic house that has a mystery re the original owners and I'm working on solving that. I work for a non-profit that provides free health services to homeless women and children. (Updated )

Joseph Anthony Curro, Jr.

I am a Business Application Developer/Team Leader for the New England Journal of Medicine and its parent organization, the Massachusetts Medical Society. I am a native of Weymouth, Massachusetts, and I have lived in Arlington for most of the past 16 years. I am married to a Cape Cod native, and I am the proud father of two daughters. I am a parishioner at St. Eulalia's (formerly at St. James), Town Meeting member, and member of the Arlington Human Rights Commission and Symmes Neighborhood Advisory Committee. I am a graduate of Tufts University and of Brandeis University's Lemberg Program in International Economics and Finance (now known as the International Business School). (Updated 10/06)

Albie D.

I moved to Arlington in 1966. I attended Bracket School, Ottoson Junior High and Arlington High School. I moved a couple of times but always seemed to find my way back to Arlington. In my opinion it's one of the best places to live and raise a family. Plenty to do! Robbins Farm was/is my favorite place to hang out and play every sport or just sit on the hill to look at the Boston skyline. If you watch the jets fly into Logan airport at night you can actually see them pass between the buildings. It's also a great place to watch the fireworks on Boston on the 4th of July. I use the bikepath constantly and I've participated in 6 Boston to New York AIDS rides. All the hills in Arlington make it a great place to train whether you're a jogger or a bike rider. (Updated 09/03)

Shamus Oliver Da'Place

I am a new Resident of Arlington and my large family will emigrate here soon too! I am a hope to open an ethnicaly diverse "HIP HOP Barber Shop" and Massage Studio near the local high school (Updated 07/05)

Richard Damon

I am an Electrical Engineer by trade, working primarily on Night Vision systems.

I became the Administrator for the list in July of 2007 and took over hosting in March of 2008. (Updated 05/24)

katie darcy

I was born in this town 39 years ago, went to thompson, then "The East" the the high school--
I have 3 sons now and moved to a part of arlington i did'nt think i ever could afford, but because this town is comitted to making housing affordable, i and my 3 boys, oldest is 19 then 16 and my baby is 5--I hope to live in this house for the rest of my life and i am so happy that my kids get to be educated here--my youngest is austisic and other health prob--this is where we need to be and i love this town, no matter how bad a time i gave my mom when i was teenager--i've come to find out it comes full cicle, my middle son is just like me, no fears, and as all teens thinks hes invincible-- im glad to be here

Katie (Chris, Nick & Ryan) Darcy (Updated 07/07)

Lee R. Daum

I live with my wife, two kids, and two cats in the heights around the corner from the Dallin School. We like it here very much. It's a very friendly neighborhood and the Dallin seems to be a pretty good school, if a little in need of updates. I am also Jewish and an active member at Bethel Temple Center in Belmont. I use the list to try to keep up with what's going on around the town and also to address practical matters and issues that ought to be concerns to Arlington Residents. I also sing with the SOUNDS OF CONCORD, a 45 member, award-winning barbershop harmony chorus. We sing a capella music from Broadway, Gospel, Pop, and of course, we sing the old songs, too. (Updated 04/05)

Douglass T Davidoff

Raised in New England, I returned to the regioin in 2009 after an absence of 34 years. I was born in NYC but raised in Westport, Connecticut. I lived in several cities in North Carolina, then in Indianapolis, and finally in Chicago before moving to Arlington in June 2009.

I am a former newspaper reporter and now I am a public relations consultant. I have two children: a son now in college in Ohio and a daughter who lives with her mother, also in Ohio. My partner in life brought us to Arlington so she could take a new position in town. We live in East Arlington and are so happy to be here! I look forward to being a part of the Arlington community. (Updated 07/09)

Meredith DiMola

My husband and two kids are moving to Arlington from Natick at the end of May. We are excited and also sad to leave the community of Natick which we have been a part of for 7 years. Our oldest girl is going to Kindergarten in the Fall and our younger is 1.5 - Our new home is right near the Bishop School and I look forward to being in a walkable community again.
I work from home and am looking for someone to watch my youngers (over the summer my oldest too) for 8-20 hrs a week. Any leads would be great! Looking forward to knowing you all! (Updated )

Jim Dolan

A life long Massachusetts resident, I grew up in Needham and moved to East Arlington after finishing my education. From November 2009 to February 2011, I served as Chairman of the Arlington Republicans. I graduated from Holy Cross with by BA and received my MS from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. An economist by profession, I currently work for an international economic development agency in Boston. In 2011, I received over 2,700 votes as an unsuccessful candidate for School Committee (Updated 04/11)

Jim Dolan

A life long Massachusetts resident, I grew up in Needham and moved to East Arlington in 2007. In 2009, I was elected as Chairman of the Arlington Republican Town Committee. I graduated from Holy Cross in 2006 and received my Master's degree in international and European politics from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in 2007. I currently work for an international economic development agency in Boston. I am currently standing as a candidate for School Committee in the 2011 Town Election. (Updated 12/10)

Christina Donovan

I guess you could say I'm a true "townie". I've lived in Arlington since I was two, specifically on Rawson Road. I went to the Thompson School and Junior High East before Arlington High, where I graduated in 1986. I'm extremely fortunate and thankful to be raising my two daughters in Arlington Heights now, it's comforting to know all the little nooks and crannies of the town. My friend and I own a small eco-friendly garden and floral design company called Land Escapes ( We are excited to be involved in the "green" movement and present a new product for rain harvesting in conjunction with low maintenance landscaping designs. (Updated 01/09)

Jon Dreyer

Ok, so I don't live in Arlington, but I live in East Lexington near Sutherland Park, which abuts the Heights, and I once lived on Hibbert Street.

I am a math tutor and computer science tutor. I'm happy to travel to Arlington and other nearby towns, so please get in touch if you are interested, or visit my Web site for more information. I a licensed teacher of high school math and middle school math and science, and have degrees in education, math and computer science.

Before becoming an educator, I was a software engineer for many years. I am also a musician, playing jazz and classical music on bass and cello and welcome opportunities to play.

(Updated 09/09)

Dan Dunn

I moved to Arlington in 1999. I actually joined the list before I moved, as part of my investigation of the new place. When I first moved here I didn't expect it to last; I'd been moving around for years. But, I found that I really liked it, and here I've stayed. I've become very involved in local life. I won a seat in Town Meeting in 2002 and have volunteered for a couple of committees. I'm running for State Representative this year, in the 23rd Middlesex District. (Updated 02/04)

Jennifer Elmaghraby

Hi! I have been an East Arlington resident since 2009 and a local, small business owner since 2011.
I own Deluxe Pet Care, a professional dog walking and cat sitting service. Check out our website and our facebook page
Thanks! (Updated )

Nancy  Feeney

Resident of Arlington since 2000. I enjoy reading the Arlington List and learning more about what is going on in town. I love frequently visiting the dog park at Thorndike Street with our dog, Mia, and also Menotomy Rocks Park on weekend mornings before 9am. :)

(Updated 01/17)

Kathy Fennelly

List member since approx. 2002. Resident since 1970. My husband and I have raised four children in Arlington. Former town meeting member, former member of the School Committee (1986-1995, 2006-2007), current Library Board of Trustees, long time member of the League of Women Voters, co-founder of the Arlington Libraries Foundation, and other civic organizations.
(Updated 10/16)

Christopher Fernandes

I'm a Special Ed Teacher in Malden. I grew up in Arlington(Martin St.) I loved living here as a kid and after college I lived in VT and then upsate NY...but now I'm back. I'm in East Arlington now and love it just as much. I was a little shocked at how much it's changed, but I'm getting used to it. (Updated 02/06)

Daniel Fernández

I am a Spanish 22 year old boy who lived in Arlington in 1994. I am giving this "Cast of Characters" a try, because I would like to find some of my classmates of that time in Thomson School. I lived in 19 Purcell road for about 9 months and went to Mrs. McAuley's class. I remember two of them in particular. They are Vishal Patil and John Gambone. Should any of you know their whereabouts, please contact me, I would appreciate.
This is all I can remember, please excuse any mistakes.

Thank you. (Updated 10/07)

Judy Finch

My name is Judy, and I am posting today to see if anyone has seen our cat. She has been missing since June 8. Her name is Lilly, and the last time we saw her she was wearing her collar and tags with her name, address, and our telephone #.
She is gray & white, thin, with a curly tail. We live on Maynard St. She is an
outdoor cat, who tends to get into small spaces. She could be stuck in someone's basement or garage, or possibly even under a porch. If you live in the neighborhood, we would appreciate it if you could check around your house. We have posted signs, contacted animal control and the Animal Rescue League. So far no luck. She has a micro chip also. I will be checking the list daily to see if anyone has seen her in the last week. Thank you. (Updated 06/09)

Kelly Fitzpatrick

I'm a local business owner. My business partner Renee Gaudette and I opened a wellness center on Mass Ave. in October 2007. She's the business girl and I am a massage therapist. I'm also a painter and sculptor and runner (when time allows these days). I'm excited to visit Arlington artist groups and shows. This is my personal/professional webpage. (Updated 12/07)

Siobhan K Fogarty

Hello everyone! I am a sophomore Musical Theatre student at the University of New Hampshire, and have just gotten home for the summer. I've lived in Arlington my whole life and graduated from St. Agnes School as well as Arlington High School. I have worked with kids in many professional and non-professional situations, most recently playing Tigger in a tour of Winnie the Pooh that traveled to many elementary schools throughout the New England Area. I am looking for babysitting jobs throughout Arlington this summer and would love to be a help to your family! (Updated 05/12)

Gordon Fontaine

Gordon Fontaine - I am the owner Zen Dog Training, and teach adult and puppy classes at Crate-Escape on the Arlington/Belmont line. My business is dedicated to providing positive (fear-free) training for dogs and the people who love them!

My background? I'm a Certified Dog Trainer from the San Francisco SPCA (CTC)-- Certificate in Training and Counseling. Jean Donaldson author of Culture Clash founded this program in 2001.

I also train and teach Aikido, a Japanese martial art, at Shobu Aikido of Boston.

I love Arlington and support our local businesses!

Please visit my website - for more about me and my training methods.

(Updated 07/06)

Harry Forsdick

Hi. I'm Harry Forsdick. I live in Lexington, but really enjoy hearing about the issues discussed on this list. After being on the Arlington List for a while, I set up the Lexington List and several other mailing lists in Lexington. I used the Arlington List as the model for these lists.

The best way to find out more about me is to check out my web site: (Updated 12/07)

paul fox

mostly just somewhat bemused by what the list brings past, i enjoy
it for the news of the town i might otherwise not read in the advocate, and for
the recommendations of local restaurants and services. we (lovely wife, rumpled
dog, and three motorcycles) live within spitting, or rather, flooding distance
of the arlington standpipe. some people say i have too many computers doing too
many things for me, but i kind of like being able to check the furnace
sightglass from a web page, thankyouverymuch. lived here since '90. wish i
had a bigger garage, but other than that, the house, neighborhood and town
are perfect. except for winter. i could do without winter. (Updated 04/03)

Alan Frank

I've been living in (East) Arlington since 1992 and in the Boston area for half my life--previously I
had alternated between the NYC area (Bronx & Teaneck) and Ohio (Columbus & Oberlin--BA in Math '79).
I live with my partner Nina, my children Julian and Sophie, and our friends Lisa and Reed, but no non-stuffed
animals. In my spare time, I am a software engineer (Java, SQL, PowerBuilder, InstallShield), and bicycle rider.
Back when I didn't have two little ones, I represented precinct 1 in Town Meeting, and hope to do so
again in the future. We moved here for the location and have been very pleasantly surprised about
the quality of political, cultural, and educational life here over the past decade. More information, not
guaranteed to be timely, is on my web site at (Updated 10/02)

Paul Franzosa

...has been an Arlington resident for more than 40, interests, etc. can be found here. (Updated 10/07)

Neil Friedman

I am a warm and engaging psychotherapist with 25 years experience. I live and work in Arlington. I also write - on book #10 right now, mostly self-published and intennet-published. I am trained in focusing, gestalt, and otherr experiential modalities. I was on the sfaf at Sprinjg Hill for 16 years. I do workshops in the Arlington area. I live with my wife, Kate, right on Mass Ave.,high above the traffic . I love Aerlingotn Cenetr. I miss the bookstore that sued to be where wild Woman is now. I like Shanghai Village. I am looking for sports fans to watch games with. I have a website at (Updated 11/04)

Jim Frost

East Arlington resident since 2000. I hold strong opinions and will argue endlessly about them, but sometimes I'll just play devil's advocate to make sure that various viewpoints get discussed. Things stay good and stirred-up that way.

If you are crazy enough to want to know more about me, here's my web page.
(Updated 09/02)

Timothea [Thea] Frost

Stay at home mom to Colette. Used to work as a librarian (academia & law firms), and a few dozen other jobs. Born & Raised in The Bronx, NYC, and still consider it "Home". Married to Jim Frost. East Arlington resident since 4/2000. Proto-geek: I can use the computer & internet very well, but I can't make it work. Fairly cynical, not easily offended and a "dry sense of humor" (from my 1st Grade report card). (Updated 01/04)

Stu Galley

"There has been one fixed purpose in view from the outset, -- to magnify the name Arlington and, if possible, give to the town the place in history that is her legitimate right. The incidents named will be found true to the record, and it is hoped that they have been told in a clear and entertaining manner." -- Charles Symmes Parker, 1907 (Updated 06/11)

Ara K Gechijian

For Sale..Wheelchair.. $75.00, slightly used,... 2 shower chairs $10.00 each..., 1 portable bathroom chair...$15.00..Call Ara @ 781-643-1463 or c # 781-910-0922. (Updated 12/10)

Frederick C Gevalt

Screening on Wednesday night (November 10th) at 7:30 at the Regent Theatre of Please Remove Your Shoes.

Please Remove Your Shoes is a revealing documentary about our government’s
Broken promise to secure our skies. It is also an empathetic story about a half dozen public servants who try to fix it. And it is a familiar topic to all of us who have flown in the last fifteen years: the security routine at the airport - first the FAA and now the TSA.
Please Remove Your Shoes examines the period before 911 and the current situation
eight years later and asks the questions that make Washington squirm: “Are we really any better for all our money spent? Or is it safe to say that nothing has changed?”

Come one come all! There will be a Q&A session after the film at 9:00 with the film makers.

(Updated 11/10)

Victoria Susan Gold

I moved from Newton to Arlington in June 2014 into a housemate situation, and have fallen in love with Arlington and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, my housemate wants to sell the condo, so I'm back on the street looking for a place to live, but this time I want an inexpensive and probably small studio or 1 bedroom. I am a retired computer programmer and then became a High School computer programming teacher. I have one lovely indoor cat. My move day is flexible, but I would like to find a place by May 1, so that my roommate can get her house on the market, and the snow should be gone so I can move comfortably. The earliest the move can be made is by the end of this month (March) and by the latest May 31st.

If anyone knows of such a place. I'd appreciate it.
Vicki Gold
(Updated )

Paul Goldmuntz

I am a clinical psychologist. For 20+ years I have been the Clinical Director of CLSACC in Cambridge, a free standing not for profit agency providing psychotherapy and legal services to people with low incomes ( We also perform psychological evaluations of immigrants who have experienced torture who are applying for political asylum in the United States. I have an independent psychotherapy practice in Arlington where I see adults, and couples with my wife, Pamela, a Jungian analyst( I've lived in Arlington since 1983. I was a Precinct 9 town meeting member for 5 or so years, but it was a passing enthusiasm. I have a son and daughter, both now in college. (Updated 08/05)

Ted Goodman

My wife, our two kids and I have enjoyed life here in Arlington since 1993.
Having lived in Japan for 18 years (and longer for my wife Chikako, who was born there), we and our bi-lingual children greatly enjoy the easy access and ongoing interaction with the local Japanese community.
One of my greatest pleasures, in returning to the States, has been the opportunity to share a love for the art of Aikido. (I teach here in town at The Arlington Center, in Lexington through Lexington Community Ed, and a Friday evening class in Allston.)
Three other loves that have me hooked are 3-D photography, mountain stream fishing, Japanese style and, when life allows,(western tack) horseback riding.
(Updated 12/10)

Sherry Gordon

I am originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (no I'm not PA Dutch), and I have lived on Wyman Street for the past 26 years. If you are an early bird, you might see me during my daily morning
run along the streets of Arlington or the bike path. My two sons have been through the
Arlington schools and both graduated from Minuteman. One graduated from University of Pennsylvania in engineering and works for AMD in Austin, TX. The other is a sophomore at University of Delaware (in engineering -- is there a pattern here?). Besides being an outdoor sports
enthusiast (kayaking on Spy Pond, anyone? cycling on the bike path?), I
started a supply chain software company and was acquired late in 2004 by Emptoris in Burlington, MA. I am the Arlington site coordinator for Brookfield Farm, a biodynamic organic CSA farm in Amherst, MA.
Arlington has changed a lot since I have lived here and I've enjoyed
watching and taking part in its evolution. (Updated 07/05)

Gil Graham

I have been a musician all my life.I'm a small business owner operating my DRUMMING PREPARATORY SCHOOL out of the Arlington Center for the Arts(41 Foster St.) since 1993.Arlington has proven to be warm, friendly,arts oriented and appreciative of my DPS.I was honored to appear in the 2005-06 edition of Who's Who.I specialize in balancing lessons with the necessary skills as well as musical grooves that both encourage students and utilize those skills.I encourage all my students to learn stick control regardless of musical preference whether it is rock,funk,latin or jazz.Students and parents then establish the practice/progress schedule that works for them.Flexibility is important to me in terms of pedegogy and to parents in terms of scheduling.That is why I'm open six days per week teaching all ages and all levels.You can find MUCH more information at (Updated 09/07)

Carol Greeley

Carol Greeley, Patrick Greeley, Brian Greeley (Updated 02/04)

Susan J Green

Mother, Artist, Photographer, Web Designer... in love with Arlington and everything it has to offer - especially this list! (Updated 12/10)

Dee Greenberg

I bought a small condominium overlooking the Mill Brook in November of 1998. I am a self employed, single female and I have 2 main businesses that I run. To learn about my businesses please check my web sites: Can't Stop Dancin' and Inner Focus Yoga. I have worked as a self employed DJ all over New England since 1993. If anyone on this list needs a great DJ, please do not hesitate to contact me! In addition I teach yoga and am currently looking for more teaching opportunities. I have several private clients and offer a good discount on private yoga sessions to Arlington residents.

My interests include yoga (obviously!), music (obviously), Ayurveda (which I am studying) dancing, roller blading, biking and running. Aside from being my vocation, yoga is also my lifestyle (living according to spiritual principles) and I am a devout vegetarian. I would love to hear from anyone on the list who practices yoga and vegetarianism as spiritual practices. Also if anyone knows of a place in Arlington with a reasonable rent where I could teach yoga, please let me know! To me, the best things about Arlington are the Minute Man Trail and Trader Joes . . . I also love being so close to Rte 2 and 128 and minutes from Cambridge and Boston. All in all I have found life in this town to be very satisfying. My email:
(Updated 12/03)

Ryan Grimm

Trying my best to be on the leading edge of twelfth-century technology (well, OK, maybe 19th century), I'm a handyman/carpenter/timber framer, and will take a wild stab at anything else my semi-massive intellect has a whim to try.

In former incarnations I've been a machinist, mold maker, pattern maker, maintenance machinist, hardware & paint salesman, medium equipment operator, jacked up buildings and bridges, done tunnelling (aka been a Muck Savage), carpenter, timber framer, even dabbled in the arcane arts of electronics. Gave up on computer programming because of all those pesky punched cards.

I have the vast majority of my client base in Arlington, and can be seen working out of my truck "George" (as in the Bugs Bunny cartoon 'I'll hug it & squeeze it & call it george').

(Updated 07/03)

Patricia Gross

Resident of Arlington since
1968. I live in Arlington Center and am self-employed as free-lance
indexer, editor, writer and rosary maker. I used to be involved in
greyhound rescue (at some points we had as many as three dogs at a time),
and I would like to establish contact with people who own greyhounds now,
so I can visit them. I am also interested in genealogy, greeting cards
made with rubber stamps, and other handcrafts. I'm interested in online
community as it intersects with face-to-face encounters, and hope that we
continue to have occasional get-togethers. (Updated 12/99)

Linda Ellen Guttman

nationally certified massage therapist and owner of Body and Soul Massage
Therapy & Spa. What I love about being on the Arlington e-mail list is
that it's the easiest way to get completely immersed in Arlington culture
and really feel a part of the town. Although I've lived in Arlington for
10 years, I've learned more about the town and my neighbors since joining
the list; I've gotten a real sense of who lives here, what's important in
Arlington and have gotten more active in local concerns. It's a great way
to network, meet great people and learn about our great town. (Updated 12/99)

Uri Guttman

I am originally from Brooklyn
and went to MIT and stayed in the Boston area. I chose East Arlington to
buy a 2 family house 11 years ago and have been very happy with my
decision. Watching Arlington change over that time has been very
interesting, especially the restaurant scene which blossomed with the
relaxation of the beer/wine licensing a few years ago. I like attending
the semi-regular mailing list dinners we have and I was instrumental in
the creation of the first one, the (in)famous chinese food tasting! I own
a software consultancy business which specializes in Perl, Internet and
UNIX projects ( and I am in the process of starting
a new software business. My wonderful wife, Linda, is also a regular on
the list. (Updated 01/00)

Sarah Hagedorn

Hi, I live and work in Arlington as a craniosacral/massage therapist and as a coach to highly sensitive people. I specialize in offering an integrated model where both talking and bodywork are interwoven. I'm also pursuing my MA in Counseling/LMHC since I seem to be a lifelong student! I've been in Arlington for two years and counting and I can't seem to stay away from Kickstand Cafe. My personal website is (Updated )

Max J Hager

I am the Service Manager for Caron Electric. Since the owner Mr. Caron grew up in Arlington and the business has served Arlington and surrounding areas for over 19 years we like to stay on top of local community pages. We are a licensed and insured electrical contractor that deals in both residential and light commercial work. We also specialize in the field of Kohler Generators and Fujitsu Ductless Heat and Air Conditioning Systems. I am more than happy to answer questions that Arlington List users may have so feel free to reach out to me.

781.646.2467 (Updated 03/11)

John  Haible

Carpet Installation - to give away. 360 lineal ft of tackless carpet strips, brand new in box. Left over from a recent installation we did. Each strip is 4 ft in length. These are professional grade. They nail/screw to your floor and the tacks that are "embedded" in the strip pointing up allow you to attach your carpet down onto to them.

My # is 617-834-9153
(Updated 10/10)

Joni Halabi

Howdy! I am a New Jersey native and have been living in East Arlington since 2004. In my professional life, I am a front-end website developer, and work for Optaros, which is a consulting firm in downtown Boston. In my personal life, I develop more websites (yes, I am a web geek). but I also love to read novels and listen to live music. In addition, I am a volunteer staff member of Alpha Phi Omega (a national co-ed service fraternity) and work specifically with the chapter at MIT. (Updated 03/11)

Lillian Hartman

Hello! I am the Program Coordinator at the Beech Street Center in Belmont and I will my post about events that you are welcome to attend as nearby community members. A few of our services and classes are restricted to age 60+, and I'll be sure to mention if that applies. Our community events on Tuesday and Friday afternoons are usually open to all ages, and include a range from live music performances, to nature and history presentations, to health and legal topics. They are almost always free (donations to the Beech Street Center are appreciated any time). If you have suggestions for events or feedback from one you attended, please let me know.

The Beech Street Center is located at 266 Beech St, Belmont, between Belmont Center and Waverley Square. We have free parking for people attending events. This is a new facility as of 2009, which has a pool table and ping pong table, desktop computer lab, lounge and fitness room available during all of our business hours. Springwell caters lunch here 5 days a week with a typical attendance of 40-100 people (age 60+). If you want to learn more about us, please stop by or visit Thank you! (Updated )

Joe Hayes

Hello Everyone, Third Generation Arlingtonian who still remembers waking up in the middle of the night when we slept over my grandmother's (her farm was where the Stratton School is now) so she could throw rocks at the foxes raiding her hen house. Went to St. James School, and Stratton. I am a sound therapist practicing group Sound Healing events at various yoga studios, Himalayan Salt Caves, healing centers, and the like, and I am SO happy to announce we are meeting again now LIVE. I also have a landscaping business that specializes in re-wilding people's grounds, so our pollinators can help us restore our biospheres (see Doug Tallamy's brilliant 'Nature's Best Hope.) Thanks for reading, and make it a peaceful day.

(Updated 02/22)

Nicholas Herold

a husband and father of two children who attend the Cambridge Friends
School. We have a dog, Henrietta, and our daughter is trying to get us
interested in additional pets. We'll see. We've lived in Arlington since
1990, a year after we were married. My wife and I grew up in Washington,
DC and sat next to each other in first grade, where she peed on me. I went
to Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and the BU School of Public Health,
and have had a number of different jobs, including professional fisherman,
carpenter, and homeless shelter worker. Right now we're restoring
a Queen Anne Victorian in Arlington Center while I'm writing a dissertation on health policy at Brandeis University. (Updated 01/04)

Arne Hessenbruch

I have lived in East Arlington since 1998. Two of my kids, Anna and Eric, have gone to the Hardy, the Ottoson, and AHS. I used to be an academic (historian of science) and now I make living advising people about their finances - retirement planning and estate planning and such like. I play as much soccer as I can get away with, also in the aptly named Over-The-Hill-Soccer-League. I devour books. Right now I am reading Giles Tremlett's Ghosts of Spain for pleasure and Fundamentals of Insurance Planning for slightly less pleasure. (Updated 05/08)

Janine Hightower

Hello Arlington! I have been living on Cleveland Street for the past year and a half. I work as a personal trainer doing house calls and also seeing clients at Arlington Health and Fitness.
Since I live near Capitol Square, I frequent the Fox Library, Capitol Theatre, Christo's Market, Grace Nails, Boyle's Market, ArtBeat (I recently displayed my collage work there!), ArtWear, the Minuteman Trail, etc. I am also active in Arlington Entrepreneurs and am looking to join the Chamber.
I am a part of this list to be more a part of this awesome community I have stumbled upon. Thanks for reading! (Updated )

Rachel Hillman

Hi Arlington. Choosing to buy or sell a home is a big decision. I work in real estate and I try to do everything I can to make the process a positive experience. And, we will have fun along the way. My strong negotiation skills will make sure that you are getting the right price for your home. Arlington is a fantastic area. I work with many buyers and sellers in the area. I am the top producer in my RE/MAX Urban Homes office. If you need any help with your real estate needs, please email ( or call (617-741-4051) anytime. (Updated 01/05)

Chin Ho

I've lived in Arlington since 1995, starting from East side and then moved to the heights; have always loved this peaceful and 30-min-to-everywhere town. Thanks to my neighbor who told me about this list last weekend when we were shovelling out. We both have not been able to find shovelling services. (Updated 01/11)

John Hodges

Member of First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Arlington, MA since 1991, organizer of blood drives there since 2000, chair of the governing board there since May 17th, 2015. (Updated )

Caleigh Holden

I've been living in Arlington since early 2015 and have enjoyed it so far. I rent a beautiful apartment in East Arlington that I share with two other roommates and 2 dogs. I love the idea of this list and want to get to know more about the community and those that are a part of it.
I joined this list in hopes of finding a parking space to rent (our apartment only has 2 parking spaces and we have 3 bedrooms, and therefore usually 3 cars) but enjoy the other discussions and community news! (Updated 07/17)

Sid Howard

I'm only 16 but I was born in Cambridge and have lived in Arlington since I was two. I can do any sort of chore like mowing the lawn, cleaning of some sort, some things computer-related, walking dogs, and other various little jobs. (Updated 07/05)

Eve Isenberg

Hello Arlington! Hailing from Philadelphia, I moved here with my husband, Tom, and our baby Josephine in May '04. We are very happy to be, finally, homeowners. I am an architect, working very part time. I spend most of my time with Joey (b. 9/03) at the park on School Street. I keep my eye out for other artisans/designers and/or moms of young toddlers who want a cup of Quebrada brew, to chat, or to hike the hills of Arlington Heights with a baby on my back. (Updated 08/04)

Marc Johnson

I'm a marketeer for HP (, and my husband Jeffrey is a designer ( When my job took us from Chicago to the Boston area, Arlington's charm, character, and diversity won us over and we decided to buy our first home here in 1996. We enjoy East Arlington's close proximity to everything and the fun and eclectic folks and shops in the neighborhood. Many renovation projects later, we continue to enjoy the area, along with our dog (Marshall, a bichon) and cat (Sadie). (Updated 12/10)

Alan Harper Jones

Elisabeth Carr-Jones & I have lived in Arlington since 1975, and in a little bungalow behind the Ottoson since 1977. I was born & raised in Pgh, PA, received a BSEE/CS from the 'Tute in 1974, worked as a computer scientist and product and business development specialist for about 25 years, and currently work as a consultant in our family business, Carr-Jones Associates. I am a member of Town Meeting and the Fincom, Past Master of Russell Lodge of Masons, a founder of the Arlington Animal Rights Forum, and was very active in the greatly-missed Arlington Food Coop. I am webmaster for the Transportation Advisory Committee, Walking in Arlington and Other interests are veg*n eating, organic gardening, and I play 60's garage rock guitar, fast and loud. (Updated 01/03)

Larry Keane

my partner (Mark) and I just bought a small cape in east arlington.....steps off the bike path and right next to the bullrushes along the brook......we lived on somerville ave for a couple of years and can't tell you how grateful we are to be waking to the sounds of birds rather than car horns or clanging dumpsters......and it is amazing to feel like we are living in an almost country setting but having a three minute walk to the alewife T.....i am an addictions counselor (20 years this summer) and avid music have no idea how heavy 4000 CD's can be to move!....we are both looking forward to settling into this great town and this list is appreciated.....thanks, and see you on the bike path! (Updated 04/07)

Jean Keller

Originally from "the Jersey Shore" I still have sand in my shoes! Found my first place in East Arlington in the early 80s. Married and purchased a home on Maple Street in the center in the early 90s. Now with a child in the Bishop school I really feel part of the community. I'm starting an artisan chocolate business and have had great success with it thus far selling at local craft shows. Look for it at Derby Farms, Arlington Beer and Wine and hopefully other stores this holiday season. I'm hoping for a second career! Peppermint Bark, Truffles and other fancy treats! Made the "French" way. Only with fine, imported chocolate~ (Updated 08/08)

Amy E. Kelly

I am a special needs teacher in Newton. I moved to Arlington in 1997 to live with my husband. I have a website at where you can learn about ALL of my interests including education music, cross-stitch and poetry. One of my favorite poets is Arlingtonian Jessie Brown, who is a member of the Alewife poets, a Boston-based group of poets who are all fabulous! Another interest of mine is politics, and I hope to someday network with other Arlingtonians to become more involved in local politics and the Democratic party in general. (Updated 02/03)

Deborah  Kemp

Locally born and bred product. I grew up in the Stratton school area and moved to the edge of Jason Heights in 1972. I remember kiddy matinees at the Regent and Capitol (double feature ticket 75 cents and an extra 25 cents to get popcorn and a Coke), Buttricks Restaurant (before Brighams before office buildings) behind the high school off Mill Street. My parents were very active on the Arlington Civil Rights Committee and in our fair housing movement. I walked with them in a town memorial match after MLK died and recall seeing our photo on the cover of The Advocate. Before hockey became so big we had hours of ice time at the rink and spent most of our winter Saturday and Sunday's there... The place for teens to see and be seen. Arlington has changed a lot but after moving away for college, grad school and my early career days I came back in 1994 and have lived her since except for brief stay in Ireland 2001-2003. Sad to see life here become so expensive but I'm sticking it out for now because it's such a great place to live. Love visiting Robbins Library where I spent so many hours as a kid; love that I can still ice skate on Spy Pond and at Menotomy Rocks Park. But also love our hip new vibe... Kickstand Cafe hooray. Let's not let this become a haven for the Winchester and Lexington wannabes... Let's try to be a diverse, approachable and friendly Arlington. (Updated )

David Kessler

East Arlington resident since 2000 - currently looking for another apartment in East Arlington, ideally a 2BR apartment in a house on a quiet street; It's just for me - quiet, clean, bicycling, non-smoker working at MIT Sloan. I'm a great tenant, just ask my current landlord, and my upstairs neighbors! (I'm moving to have my own place, without housemates).

....Aside from the apartment hunt: I'm your basic "Jack Of All Trades" - Stage Manager, Event Planner, Calligrapher, travel writing, hat wearing, Tai Chi practitioner who sails and sings a lot, and tackles logistics for a living at MIT.

( (Updated 05/07)

Leesa koch

Hi I am trying to unsubscribe from the arlington list. We have moved.
My email address is

Leesa (Updated 08/11)

K.C. Kourtz

Hi! I am excited to be moving to Arlington in June with my husband, almost-3 year-old daughter and our Boston Terrier. We are eager to explore all that Arlington has to offer (we are already big fans of Kickstand Cafe and Sono Sushi, as well as the bike trail). I am originally from DC but have been living in the Boston area since 2007. (Updated )

Patrick Kracunas

I am a musician and chef. I have been teaching all ages and abilities for over 15+ years. Instruments I teach are guitar, bass, ukulele, dobro & pedal steel. You can find out more info here; (Updated 04/21)

Marianne helen Krain

Hello to all my neighbors in Arlington.
I am Marianne Krain granddaughter to Gregory Krain who Owned Helen's pastry shoppe for 55 years in Arlington center. Some may know me with my daughter Lisa Krain was the first Krain great grandchild to be born and was posted all over the back of the cash register at the bakery,
I was born in 1962 on forest St and still live there today. I went to school at Bartlett private school,saint Agnes,then minute man in Lexington and Arlington branch of Arlington high in the center,
I use social networks my space,face book,and looking for past friends from Arlington ,like Brian Toronto,Kevin mc McCarthy, and others.
I have been a single mom and my hobbies vary I raise lovebirds if you are ever looking for one I hand tame them, I have all the pets a puppy ,3 cats, one Quaker parrot, 3 breeding pairs of love birds and all their babies that I try to adopt out to under Income family's knowing how hard it is to be a single parent.
We also have a blue and gold macaw. If you need help with your bird feel free to contact me I can babysitter I can clip nails and wings for you to.
I am a very crafty person I hand craft dream catchers , feather Mardi Gras mask, and many more hand crafted items I owned a booth at king Richards fair for 15 years.
You might see a unusual site riding down mass ave a black and purple vw trike please say hello. It is available for photo hobby or professional. If you ride I would love to meet some new riding friends. Well I am not sure what more to say please feel free to ask me anything.
Its great to meet you all
God Bless
Marianne Krain

(Updated 09/09)

Erik Kruthoff

I have lived in Arlington with my fiancee Cassie for 2 years now. I own a business, Erik Kruthoff Photography, offering fine-art, wedding, family and newborn photography services. I also work as a travel adviser and have many years of experience living, working, and traveling abroad. I grew up and went to college in Wisconsin, then spent 6 years bouncing back and forth from Alaska and Latin America. I more recently lived in Palermo, Sicily for a year before landing here in East Arlington. (Updated 04/12)

Delle Labbé

I have lived in Arlington now for 32 years since marriage. My husband grew up in Arlington. I grew up in Cochituate, a small village in Wayland, MA. Mom was a stay at home mom, dad worked 30 years and retired from the GM assembly Plant in Framingham, MA. I was the youngest of three having two older brothers. I worked as an RN in geriatric long term care for 15 years , 10 of which @ Cushing Hospital in Framingham. The remaining five years weekends at what was known at the time as Winthrop House/ Integrated Health Services IHS in Medford, and at Suburban Manor ( now Life Care Center) in Acton. The alarming trend I witnessed of patients coming back into the long term care setting from acute hospitals supposedly “subacute”, without proper supporting staff in place to insure patient safety eventually drove me from the clinical setting. I refused to compromise my professional ethics and standards of nursing care. I opted to do medical transcription for 4 years from home, and eventually was employed for what was 16 years by a private ENT practice in Concord, MA. The retirement of the physician/ owner of that practice prompted my re-evaluation of my vision for my life. Knowing in my heart I had something more to offer , as my husband and I had found ourselves empty nesters—our son and daughter out on their own, I set out to find out exactly what was “calling” me. You may know what I’m referring to. That “gut” feeling that you were meant for something special… Well, that’s when Tapping, otherwise known as EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique came to my awareness. ? Divine intervention I suspect. Long story short, I became a Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach and am excited to begin a coaching practice that promises to transform peoples lives by helping them discover, and release their blocks not only to financial wealth, but to wealth in all areas of their lives, enabling them to release themselves from the chains of subconscious negative emotions locked in their nervous systems by using the amazing mind/body/money tool of Tapping.---Oct, 2016. (Updated )

Annie E. Lacourt

I have lived in Arlington for 14 years this fall with my husband of 14 years, Mark Burstein. We have two daughters, Jennie who is 10 and Ellie who is 7. The girls go to Stratton school where I serve as Science Enrichment coordinator for the PTO. We are members of Temple Shir Tikvah in Winchester where I currently serve as treasurer. I converted to Judaism after the birth fo my second child and suffer from a form of fanaticism known as "converts' disease" :)I am very involved in politics, especially local politics. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI but went to high school in Ohio just outside of Cleveland (West Geauga High if you must know). I have an undergraduate degree in theater and an MFA from the Yale School of Drama in Technical Design and Production (class of 86 - along with Courtney Vance.) I used to own a small software company in Arlington center called Arabesque Software where I was the principal programmer/designer as well as the owner. I am entirely self or spouse taught in programming and a true data head. At the moment, I am working for a company called Kinder, Lydenburg and Domini as their Director of Products and Systems. check out I love to garden, read and organize dinner parties at other peoples' houses. (Updated 09/02)

Matt Landau

Relocated to Arlington in 2000 after 17 years in the same Somerville
apartment. By day I work for a software company in Cambridge doing engineering management. By night and on weekends I live on Winchester Road with my wife
Amy, who is also a list member;
our daughter Samantha, born in 2002; our son Joshua, born in 2006; two boxers named Ella and Tucker -- I mean the dogs, not the pugilists -- and two rescued feral cats named Hamlet and Talia.
(Updated 01/08)

Jennifer Leeds

I was raised in New York/New Jersey and attended college in upstate New York (Cornell, where I met my husband, Rob Hess). Rob and I moved to Wisconsin to attend graduate school in 1991 (me - bacteriology, him - biophysics). We moved to MA in 1996 when I began a postdoc at Harvard Med, and bought our tiny Cape Cod in Arlington in 2001 when we were expecting our second son. In the spring/summer of 2006, we undertook a major renovation project with Out Of The Woods Construction (on Ryder St. in Arlington) and turned our Cape into a Colonial. So, now we are here to stay! Our two sons (Maximilian, age 6 and Tjaden, age 9) attend Stratton School and we're members of Temple Shir Tikvah in Winchester. I've been an Infectious Diseases investigator and project team leader at Novartis, in Cambridge, for five years and Rob is a patent agent with Bromberg and Sunstein, LLP, in Boston while he attends law school in the evening at Suffolk. I am an avid reader/contributor to "the list" and use the the list for all of my home renovation/travel/religious/restaurant recommendation/entertainment/etc. needs. Maybe I'll run into you in Trader Joes or on the soccer fields or at the Res, or just sitting on my front steps! (Updated 07/07)

David Lenoir

My spouse, Chuck, and I, moved to our home in Arlington Heights from Somerville in 1998 and have been pleased with the friendly neighbors, great restaurants, and abundance of small businesses in this town. I love/stress out over politics and social justice issues. So, you can imagine election years keep my attention! I graduated from Boston University in May 2005 with an MBA (concentration in Marketing).

I'm a Real Estate professional specializing in the Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Lexington, Medford, Somerville, Watertown, Winchester and surrounding communities. However, I am a licensed real estate agent qualified to assist you in all areas of Massachusetts. I would be happy to assist you in relocating elsewhere in the United States through my referral program. Please feel free to pass my contact info to anyone you know looking to make a move. Thank you! (Updated 01/12)

Rachel Levine

Hi. Unfortunately for me I am not an Arlington resident. I live in Amherst, MA and I'm a graduate student at UMass-Amherst in the Natural Resources Conservation department. But I'm working on a project about Arlington residents' attitudes towards their town trees. I've joined this mailing list to let people know about our project and about the 10- minute tree survey we've put up on the web for Arlington residents. If you're interested in taking the survey you can go to our website at or you can email me for a link to the survey, my email address is If you have questions about the project please email me, I'd be happy to talk about it. Thanks for your time!
(Updated 03/09)

Manny Lim

Originally from Chicago, moved to the Boston area in 1994, moved to East Arlington in late August 2006. Technical writer and trainer in the IT department of an environmental engineering and consulting firm in Cambridge. Singer (choral, church, cabaret) and pianist (church). Confessed foodie. Gay. Single. And I like being here. (Updated 12/06)

Sue Lindner

I'm an A.H.S. alumnus and think Arlington is great place to raise my own children. They both just started grade school and I love running into my old friends that still live here too. (Updated 09/06)

Deborah Elizabeth Lotus


Recently moved to Arlington Heights, and will be seeking tips for the neighborhood, and getting to more actively know my neighbors. Also gardening help for 2 flower beds in front of UPS corner Mass. Ave. & Park Ave.

I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Teacher of Bones for Life (a program to prevent or even reverse osteoporosis) at The Arlington Center Studios, 369 Mass. Ave. with weekly classes on Tues. and Thurs.. noon-1:30 . The Thurs. class , "Bones for Life/Movement Intelligence" is specifically geared to prevent or even reverse osteoporosis; as well as improve posture and develop a springy, youthful walking style--which we call 'biological optimism' .

I also teach this Thursday evenings at Lexington High School through Lexington Community Education.

I also run a low-fee movement clinic "The Hip Joint" at the Arlington Center every Tues. from 2:00-5:00, which is not just about the hip joint, but any movement dysfunction in your joints. But because of the name, a play on words, I have helped many to either prevent a hip operation, or to recover completely in good time, and in a way that can revamp the harmful movement patterns which might have helped create the problem! Generally too much sitting and not enough walking can be the culprits.

Looking forward to reaching out more on this list, what a fabulous and responsive resource! I also belong to Time Trade Circle, another wonderful resource which many Arlingtonians are now taking advantage joining, there is a kind of 'Arlington Chapter'.

All the zest, Deborah Elizabeth Lotus, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Certified Bones for Life Teacher and bon vivant!
(Updated 11/16)

Travis MacDonald

Originally from Seoul, South Korea and raised across the Mystic in Medford by adoptive American parents, I have lived in Arlington for over 16 years. I have had an "interesting" past. Worked as a paramedic, nurse, IMAX technician, retail manager, auto repair/transport, and now as a federal delivery employee. I am also a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, the volunteer civilian component of the Unitied States Coast Guard.

If anyone has any questions about anything I might be able to help with, I would be glad to help. If I dont know the answer, I am happy to research and find the answer or refer you to someone who might. (Updated 08/19)

Laura MacDougall

I am a personal chef providing in home meal preparation for anyone who is unable to cook for themselves due to time or ability. My services include a freezer fill (multiple meals prepared fresh for the freezer), dinner or cocktail parties, brunches, instructional cooking, gift certificates and more.

All cooking is done in my client's home, using my own equipment. I grocery shop the same day for the freshest ingredients, prepare meals to match my client's needs and wants, and cleanup when I am done. Special requests and dietary needs welcome.

Gift certificates are most appreciated by new moms, widows and busy adults across the greater Boston area. Please visit my website for more information at (Updated 02/11)

Jonathan Magsino

I have lived in the Boston area for over 20 years but recently moved to East Arlington in 2004. The town is beautiful and I love it. You may run into me or my dog, Cody or my son, Jared running / roller blading / biking on the bikepath. (Updated 11/05)

Seth Maislin

I'm a work-at-home father in Arlington Heights with a wonderful wife and two extra-smart kids. Professionally I'm an indexer and trainer, among other things: I write indexes that go in the backs of books, and in fact wrote the index in Arlington's Compleat Day Tripper. If you see me around town, I've probably got my laptop with me, along with a stroller, an open book, or both. I do almost all my shopping (and loitering) in our wonderful town. See, I've lived in Arlington for almost 10 years, which is more than long enough to become an honorary townie. Visit my website at or my semi-professional blog at (Updated 06/06)

Peter Maradianos

Hello everyone. I'm an Arlington native born and raised. I own a Plumbing, Heating, and Gas fitting company in the heights. I'm fully licensed and insured. Ive been in business for almost 6 years now. I'm busier than ever and have a loyal customer base. If your looking for a new plumbing company please check us out. Our website is We're on,, &

I also have a commercial garage for rent on Beck rd in the heights. It is 1,100 square feet, two garage doors and two separate entrances. $1,989.00 per month
I also have parking spaces for rent. They are off street parking and are secured. $200.00 per car each month. (Updated )

Tracy Marks

I have lived in Arlington near the Park/Lowell/Bow intersection since 1978. I'm 50ish, single, and self-employed in a number of capacities - as a part-time counselor/psychotherapist, instructor of Greek mythology, teacher/ tutor/ consultant (in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Internet skills, Web Design, Selling on Ebay), an author, and a figure skating photographer. Additional interests include personal growth, Greek history and literature, science fiction, movies, beaches and waterfalls, and spiritually-oriented political activism (alternatives to Bush!). Although eclectic in my interests, I am not a dabbler but live intensely according the "find your passion, make it happen!" philosophy of life. Friendship is important to me, but many of my friends are long distance so I'm open to building local friendships and community. Feel free to peruse my numerous web sites, and shop at my Ebay auctions!

(Updated 05/03)

Dave Markussen

Hi - I'm Dave and have lived in Arlington for the last 22 years with my wife. We also own a beautiful dog named Louie. I recently retired from a desk job in Boston that did not allow for too much exercise, so I decided to start a dog walking business that services Arlington only. If anyone is interested in a trustworthy, avid dog lover to walk their dog please let me know. I can be reached at , or you can visit my website at HTTP:// WALKSWITHLOUIE.COM. I walk all my client's dogs with my own dog as I believe every dog should experience "socialization" and exercise throughout their life. My rates are very competitive and unlike many services in the area, I walk no more than 2 to 3 dogs at a time. Our service can be customized for any type of dog. Check out my site for more details and testimonials. (Updated 01/18)

David Martins

my best friend who lives in Arlington,thoughtI should list myself on this site,I.m an Audio /video designer and installer,design residential and commercial systems,my friend and I have been in the business 30yrs or so,he works at a hi-end audio store in waltham,I on the other hand am a freelancer,I design home theater systems,do repairs etc,great references and experience,get in touch if I can help,even if you just have questions,thanx David (Updated 01/06)

Jim Marzilli

(Updated 06/09)

David Maybury

My wife and I moved to Arlington (Mount Gilboa) in December 1996. Suzanne McLeod (my wife) is a painter, and an expressive art therapist. Our daughter Nora is a student at the Peirce School.

I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2002. I am now writing about my experience surviving cancer. I published a book of my writing called "Lake of Forgotten and Missing Dreams". The book is available for sale at my storefront, or directly from me.

If you are interested in health issues, cancer issues, and world affairs, check my

Our family is very happy to live in this vibrant and caring community. We are supporters of strong public schools which teach to the children and not to standardized tests, a healthy environment, and a culture of diversity and internationalism.
(Updated 06/05)

Brendan McCarty

I grew up in Arlington near Park Circle on Wachusett Ave graduating from AHS in 1994. I currently reside in South Boston but keep up on the events of town from afar. I am a broker/financial advisor for Bear Stearns specializing in Equities, futures and asset management. I was married last year (2002) to my lovely wife Bridget. I completed my MBA from Babson College this past year. (Updated 12/03)

Chuck McDevitt

I'm another software engineer working for Ab Initio Software in Lexington.
I'm living in Arlington Heights with my wife, Fonda Lauw.
You can check up on me on my personal home page,
(Updated 09/03)

Bridget McDonald

Recently moved to Arlington (April 1, 2007), but I've been familiar with the town since I completed my student teaching assignment at the Dallin School in 1994. I am a Massachusetts certified teacher for grades 1-6 and I'm currently working as a private teacher to three homeschooled siblings (not in Arlington, though). I've also tutored students through college level in math, reading, writing and study skills and taught English as a Second Language in Japan and Australia (to foreign students there to learn English). I hope to get involved in teaching/tutoring individuals in Arlington, so if anyone would like to know more about my skills, background and approach, please feel free to e-mail me at to inquire. (Updated 04/07)

Max McKersie

Hello! My name is Max McKersie and I am posting to see if there are any families in need of a babysitter. I am 17 years old and currently a senior at Arlington High School. I was captain of the soccer team and played basketball as well for our high schools varsity teams so if you have a child with lots of energy, I am ready to face the challenge! However, I am also completely fine with doing puzzles, and reading books. My mother, Ms. Fernald, is a reading teacher at the Dallin Elementary so I completely understand the importance of reading to a Childs development in learning. Previously, I worked at the Arlington Children's Center (ACC) for a year as a classroom assistant but had to stop this past fall due to the high school soccer season. I have my full license so if a car I am ever needed to drive to anything such as a practice, or a class, I am fully prepared to do so. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Thanks! (Updated 04/18)

Mari Megias

I'm a lifelong Bostonian who grew up at the other end of the Red Line in Quincy (back when the Red Line ended at Quincy Center). My boyfriend and I moved to Arlington Center on Halloween in 2016 and we absolutely love it! I'm a writer and editor at Harvard Kennedy School and I love politics and policy. Also a big fan of garage and punk rock. (Updated 10/18)

Brian Mellea

Have a two family that I rent in East Arlington. Bought it over 30 years ago. Have great tenants. Love this list for finding advice and resources. (Updated 04/20)

Zarina Memon

My husband and I live on Sunset Road with our dog, a siberian husky named "Tasha." We love our house and its location. It is a small but a very livable house. We are close to Arlington Heights and the Minuteman Bikepath. We have lived in Arlington since 1999. (Updated 08/08)

Lisa Meri

About Arte Dominum:

Arte Dominum, Inc. is an Arlington based arts organization formed by artists, for artists. Our mission is to expose and promote artists from all disciplines and all walks of life.

Our objective is to bring emerging artists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines into an intimate setting for an evening of art and interaction. We created Arts Night- now at Prose!

To read more about Arts Night and our featured artists and venues please visit

(Updated 01/10)

Stefan G. Meyer

Resident of Norwood since 2010. Ph.D. in comparative literature from Rutgers University, 1996. Former college instructor. I now write, edit, and publish books under my own imprints: G. Meyer Books and Spiritual Traveler Press. I'm also a card reader, utilizing a metaphysical system known as the Ancient Science of the Cards. You can find my publishing website at and my card reading website at I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, and have profiles on Goodreads, LinkedIn, and (Updated 01/14)

John Morris

A resident of East Arlington since 1986 and owner of a two family unit with no garage (sigh). Formerly from Watertown (about 10 years). By profession I am an engineer and engineering manager but have also done time in the non-profit world including assistance to the Mystic River Watershed Association. Hobbies include motorcycles, photography and DIY as well as holding a loyal yet unrealistic devotion to the Red Sox. On the more rational side - I root for the Patriots. I am a former Celtics and Bruins fan. My spouse is a school administrator with the Waldorf High School in Belmont. My son is an Ensign-to-be in the Navy currently serving in the port of Tucson, Arizona. :-) About Arlington: I love the proximity to the Big City and also the quick access to get out of town. The restaurants are a joy and I'm very happy with the developments in the East including the retention of the Capital Theatre. (Updated 02/06)

John Morris

A resident of East Arlington since 1986 and owner of a two family unit with no garage (sigh). Formerly from Watertown (about 10 years) and Newton. By profession I am an engineer and engineering manager but have also done time in the non-profit world. Hobbies include motorcycles, photography and DIY as well as holding a loyal yet unrealistic devotion to the Red Sox. On the more rational side - I root for the Patriots, Celtics and the Bruins. My spouse is a school administrator with the Waldorf High School in Belmont. My son is an ex-Navy submariner and aspiring chef. About Arlington: I love the proximity to the Big City and also the quick access to get out of town. The restaurants are a joy and I'm very happy with the developments in the East including the retention of the Capital Theatre. (Updated 12/11)

Emily A Mott

I live with my wife in Arlington Heights and teach piano and early music classes in the area. I love this community and want to keep it strong. (Updated 11/13)

Margaret Muckenhoupt

Okey-doke - I'm a Unitarian Universalist free-lance writer & part-time editor & mother of one Benjy & two boys-to be (June, if they can wait) & married to Scott & a homeowner & we have cats & hoo boy. Hoo boy. Oh, and I live next to the Reeds Brook swamp - I mean mosquito warren - that is Alan Maclennen park. And none of us have the same last names, except the cats. And REAL bagels do NOT contain blueberries, but I do. That's about it. (Updated 01/04)

Beatriz Mueller

Hi Friends! My name is Beatriz Mueller and I have been an Arlington resident (with my 13 yr old son Nick and now our dog Rufus) since 2010. I absolutely love this town! My parents are from Bolivia and we moved around quite a bit: RI, NY, VA, Spain, Bolivia, Salem, and finally Marblehead where they and my sister still live. This nomadic lifestyle stayed with me and I continued my moves to include Germany and CA. But now I am settled here in Arlington with its homey feel, kind and friendly people, great parks, yummy restaurants, everything you need at a stone's throw, proximity to the city and highways that take me to the beach and to the mountains. During the school year I teach Spanish and during the summer I travel with Nick or we hang out at home, taking evening walks, going to Walden Pond and visiting family in NY or back in Marblehead. Also, I am a translator and interpreter (languages include Eng, Span, Portuguese and German). Some hobbies include working out (I try to make it to Gold's at least 3-4x / wk,), spending time with friends and family, dancing, reading, movies, traveling, and hopefully at some point gardening.

As part of my settling in Arlington plan, I am looking for a home to buy here in if you know of a home that is for sale, I'd love to hear about it.

Best to all!

(Updated 07/17)

Samuel Murphy

I've lived here for several apartments;-) and just can not seem to escape. (Updated 02/04)

Kate Murrell

My husband and I have lived in Arlington since 1993. We have two Siamese cats who let us live with them in a house on the lower Mystic lake. He is in high tech and I was also until I was recently laid off. We both love Arlington. We think it is an unsung jewel. We enjoy computers, boating, reading, music and theater. (Updated 10/02)

Paul Nardizzi

Hi Mike McDonald and Paul Nardizzi are performing comedy New Year's Eve at the Regent Theatre on Medford St. in Arlington. Tickets are $32 which is a bargain compared to what clubs in Boston charge. The show is at 830 PM. mike has appeared on HBO, performs worldwide for the USO. Paul has been on Conan O'Brien numerous times, Comedy Central, won the 2001 Boston Comedy Festival and is the author of "602 Reasons to be Ticked Off" (Updated 12/05)

Jen Navarro

I am an 8 year resident of Arlington, originally hailing from Texas and Kansas. I am an art therapist for the Department of Mental Health and a professor at Lesley University. I enjoy art, reading, gardening, live music and dining out. (Updated 01/12)

Jerri Newman

live north of the Center near the Bishop school with my husband of
19+years, Richard, an incredibly handsome geologist/museum scientist, and
our children, a gorgeous, smart and artistic daughter, 18, and a
brilliantly clever and hilarious son, 9. I am not in the least biased on
this or any other topic. I love Jane Austen, Near Eastern archaeology, Science News, recycling, the Audubon society, libraries, museums,
gardening, photography, composting, the Periodic Table and spending time
with friends and family. I have done some writing but get lonely when I do it full-time. I have an Internet-based product brokerage business specializing in wellness, and am currently training to be certified to consult on our nutrition and anti-premature-aging products with healthcare practitioners. I have never lived continuously in one place longer than I have lived here, and I have grown to love the people of the town of Arlington, the Arlington List and more than I could have imagined possible. (Updated 06/05)

Ron Newman

I actually live in Somerville, not Arlington, but I'm friendly with several members of the Arlington list. I love to bicycle to and through Arlington on the Minuteman Bicycle Path.
(Updated 03/03)

Karen E Norton

Life long Arlington resident, for the most part! AHS 1990, lived in Boston, Gloucester and Orlando, Florida - but I came back!!! Working as an artist and photographer. If you need fine art, murals, or photography, please visit Looking forward to catching up with old friends!

(Updated 01/06)

Julia Novina

Been enjoying living in Arlington since June 2009. I am a yoga teacher at the Arlington Center on Mass Ave, among other locations, and it is here that I have my greatest sense of community and truly feel most at home. I just heard about this Arlington List and find it a great resource for connecting to this wonderful community that I now call home. (Updated 02/11)

James (Mr. "O") O'Conor

I moved to Arlington in 1993 and currently work at the Peirce School
After-school Program known as Peirce Playcare owned and operated by Mrs. "T".
I have been involved in Arlington as a Town Meeting Member representing Precinct 19 since April 1998, as a Election Officer as Warden for Precinct 20,
and as a substitute teacher. Since 1995, I have been involved in Girl Scouting, as an active parent, a troop leader at the Peirce School and in several capacities on a town-wide level. My other profession which I began in 1980, is a Tax Consultant. I obtained the professional designation, Enrolled Agent in 1989 and hold degrees from two local universities: Boston College and Bentley College.

(Updated 04/04)

Tricia M. O'Neill

Having lived in Arlington most of my life, attending school K-12 in the Arlington school system, I feel that a lot of people have come to realize what I have known for years, Arlington is a great place to live! I have my own business, Signs Unique:, which I run from home in Arlington Center. Signs Unique is a member of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. I am currently putting myself through school at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University where I am working toward my BFA, majoring in photography. My photo web site is: My parents immigrated here in 1958 from Dublin, Ireland. My dad, a painter, came to Arlington on a job in the 60's, and really liked the town. He walked across the street from the job, to a realtors office, and saw a house he liked. After his seven years of working and saving my dad bought a house on Swan Street in Arlington Center. He purchased a home before even buying a car. My parents live nearby, in the Menotomy Rocks Park neighborhood, and still love Arlington. My nieces and nephew are, or have been, Bishop School attendees where I have volunteered over the last four years on various art related projects and in the art classes. I constantly make avail of the bike path at the end of my street for running, inline skating or biking. I remember when the bike path was a train track, I put down many a nickel to get flattened by the oncoming trains.
(Updated 07/05)

John F O'Riordan

Now that the nice weather is on us again. It's time to evaluate the property. I can offer all list members and friends of members some help. Just mention the list and it's done. As a Ma. lic. Home Inspector living in Arlington since 1975, You can enjoy a substantial discount just as long as we donate something to " dollars for scholares " or The Arlington citizens foundation. Good Karma for all. Also, feel free to access a very neat site for information most folks pay for. Try this and tell me it's not a valuable tool. And that you will not add it to your favorites!! or just google it. Now if you need some on site advice please email me anytime and we can set something up. Here is the # 1 question I hear all the time in Arlington... Water in the basement, Do not pay high dollars to any specialty company till you CHECK THE DOWNSPOUTS!! 90% off the time this is the problem. Most water run off can be directed away. However, make sure it does not swash over to the neighbor's!! It happens, so be pro-active and save some money for the Scholarship fund. To schedule a walk around, or if your selling be ready with a pre- list inspection. A pre-list inspection is much easier on the check book. A walk around even better. Avoid surprises and set your property apart at the same time. Radon testing and termite etc. also avalible. Happy Spring to all!! (Updated 04/06)

Kathleen Ohlson

I moved to Arlington in 1999, so I'm celebrating my 10th year here! Wow, I can't believe this! Love this town and what it has to offer: the bike trail, Trader Joes, Sweet Chili's and close proximity to Cambridge and Fenway Park :)

Huge fan of Lost, Dexter, the Boston Red Sox and baseball (Updated 04/09)

Andy Oram

I live near Menotomy Rocks
park, and work in Cambridge close enough to walk. Two kids (about whom I
probably talk too much), one currently (1999) at the Ottoson Middle
School. Civic activities: I'm in the Diversity Task Group of Vision 2020.
For more dull facts, check out this
. (Updated 12/99)

Lisa Oswald, DVM

I moved to Arlington in May of 2006 and live in the Arlington Heights area. My husband and I previously lived in Cambridge, which seems like a typical transition. :) I love hiking, traveling, reading, dogs, and cats.

I have a house call veterinary practice, called Head to Tail Home Veterinary Care. You can read more about it at: (Updated 07/07)

Garland Painting

Although our company, Garland Painting Corp., is located in Watertown, we work frequently in the Arlington area. We offer all types of interior and exterior services including plastering, carpentry repair, faux and mural painting and exterior painting, power washing and carpentry work as well. We have many area references, full insurance, workers comp., and our prices are always very reasonable.

(Updated 07/07)

Justin S. Peavey

consultant living in East Arlington. Hobbies include brewing beer,
swimming and Internet security and privacy. Bought in Arlington in '96,
and I'm very interested in preserving the family, community and
recreational aspects of this wonderful town. (Updated 12/99)

Judith Ann Phelps

I am a retired Arlington Public School teacher, Town Meeting member, Member of the Town of arlington Health Insurance Advisory Committee, and a member of the townwide health insurance study group. Very interested in all that is happening in and around our town. (Updated 01/04)

Charlotte R. Pierce

I'm active as a Bishop and Ottoson volunteer and coordinate the nonprofit World Language Network, which works to support language learning and cultural exchange in the community and particuarly in the public schools. Drawing on our experiences as parents and community activists, and mine as an editor/publisher and website manager, I teamed up with my buddy Robin Schoenthaler to publish "The Compleat Day Tripper" which is a guide to more than 350 family-friendly expeditions in NE Mass. It's available via the Pierce Press website and local bookstores. I have recently launched an email newsletter to go along with the book, called "Day Tripper Dispatches." (Updated 04/06)

Santina Pitcher

I recently moved here with my husband, from North Carolina - though we're both from California. I'm currently looking for work (academic advising/support at a university) - and though there are lots of colleges around, it's tough! I like to play golf (but don't do it as often as I'd like to), go for walks/runs (VERY beginning stags of running!), shop, drink coffee, taste good wine, and meet new people! My husband's extended family lives in the area, but other than that, I don't know anyone else yet. My family is in California and upstate New York. Not looking forward to the winters, though I did go to grad school in Maine, so I have an idea of what's to come :) So far, I really like Arlington, and hope to get to know lots of new people. (Updated 08/03)

Shay Pokress

Hello, I am an Arlington resident and mother of two. We live just down the street from the Stratton School, where my daughter is enrolled. My son goes to Rogers Pierce Children's Center.

I am a certified HypnoBirthing childbirth educator. See my website for more information:

I also make handmade cards for all occasions, especially wedding invitations and birth announcements. See my other website:

I also work part-time at TERC in Cambridge. You may recognize the name as the publisher of your child's math curriculum!

Shay (Updated 10/05)

Ian Poulin

have lived in Arlington but for five years now; two years renting down in
the center and three now, owning on Bow St. If you run across a generic
seven foot tall, built Irish geek in town; that's me. Feel free to say
hello, if you wish. When at work, I am in the information security (read
anti-hacker) field; when at home, I am either down at Gold's Gym, or
sleeping. (Updated 08/01)

Babs L Powers

I'm a nutbar who lives on Grove St. *nod nod* I share a small apartment with my husband, Glenn, my two boys, Amber T. Pusscat, Yuugi Hamster, the Feng Shui Goldfish, and 18 muses collectively known as the Bishi Harem (no wonder it's crowded!). I am the proprietor of the Bishi Harem Fruitcake Co., an eclectic online shop that does not sell fruitcakes (at least not online), but tinwhistles, tams and tarot decks. To find out more about me: Viola! My site! (Updated 01/04)

Karen Preston

Hello I am an artist and craft maker.
I will be teaching classes at Together in motion 1 Broadway Arlington, Ma
Starting Monday January 9th.
Classes will be held Monday and Tuesday mornings from 9:45am-10:15am.
This will be a drop in class for kids ages 2-4 years old. Projects will include
Collage, paper sculpture, painting, string art, drawing, puppet making and many other fun creative adventures.

Come create with me!

Together in motion
781-643-1377 (Updated 12/11)

Chuck Provancher

I am a graphic designer/art director living in Arlington Heights in the Peirce School neighborhood. My partner, David, and I, along with our cat Felix, moved to our home in 1998 and have been pleased with the friendly neighbors, great restaurants, and abundance of small businesses in this town. You can view my personal website at (Updated 12/03)

Tammy Raabe Rao

Lived near Arlington Center since spring of 1997.

My husband and I met online in January 1993. He's a software engineer and video game enthusiast. I am a graphic designer and photographer.

My sites:

rubicat design and photography, a site devoted to guinea pig care and community.

(Updated 03/11)

Tammy Raabe Rao

Lived near Arlington Center since spring of 1997.

My husband and I met online in January 1993. He's a software engineer and video game enthusiast. I am a graphic designer and photographer.

My sites:

rubicat design and photography, a site devoted to guinea pig care and community.

(Updated 08/12)

Michael Mike Rich

No longer an Arlingtonian but still a lover of most things Arlington and a Menotomy Moon Bat at heart, we recently (3/31/2012) downsized and moved home and office 5 miles away to Waltham. Originally came to Arlington as a visitor and discovered Town Day in 1982, we moved there in 1984, when our eldest son Josh was 3.

He now lives in Austin, TX. Formerly with and a founding member of the Arlington-, then Girdwood-, AK, then Nederland, CO -based Smooth Money Gesture, he is a fabulous guitarist (electric and acoustic).

Our younger son Travis, now almost 24, lives in Cambridge and is working on his second Masters degree - this one in Media Arts and Sciences at MIT's Media Lab (2013). The first one was in Electrical Engineering from BU in 2011. He graduated from BU with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 2010. (Learn more at

In 1997 we took in a Belarusian exchange student who had overstayed his visa and was seeking political asylum. You may remember Peter Zebbler Berdovsky from the 2007 Aquateen Hunger Force terror scare. He graduated from Arlington High School in 2000 and from Mass. College of Art in 2006. Peter / Zebbler became a US Citizen and registered to vote on 9/11/2012! He currently lives in Charlestown at Vermin Street / Glitchcrew productions where he collaborates with other multimedia artists has his own VJ Zebbler production company is half of the Zebbler Encanti Experience and tours, producing and performing on videomapped structures with several nationally and internationally known bands. (See clips of his work and his schedule at

I am a children's and family lawyer. See for details. Other interests: I mentor for Children and Family Law Program of the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services, am a Member of Park Avenue Congregational Church United Church of Christ, Arlington, and Chair of the Mass. Conference UCC Restorative Justice Task Team.

My wife, Betty, has a degree in Fine Arts from CCNY, where we met, and currently (and for the last 20-something years) works as my Administrative Assistant (and sometimes paralegal). You can follow her frequent posts at HuffPo and Facebook. (Updated 10/12)

Doris F. Roach

A long time fan of Arlington, I decided to take the plunge and rent some office space in Arlington (near the Capital Theatre) in March, 2004. Arlington seems like it has a lot of interesting alternative practioners and things going on so I figured working here would give me an opportunity to get to know the area better. I am a former senior attorney who decided to follow my passion to make a concrete, positive, and profound difference in the lives of individuals and organizations, by helping them to recognize and realize their potential for growth and transformation. The vehicle for my passion is my consulting practice, Potential Horizons Realized™, which provides personal and executive coaching and creative training and management consulting services. I run creative life strategy workshops including one I call "Living a Soulful Life" where participants get in touch with their core values, write a mission and vision statement and come up with an implementation plan. I also run a 6 session coaching group as well as see private clients. Among other things, I look forward to finally buying a bike and using that well known bike path of yours. And who knows, if all works out well, I just might plunge further and move out here as well! (Updated 11/04)

Julia Rocha

I am currently 19 years old and just finished my freshman year at Bennington College. I have been living in Arlington almost my whole life, and have attended Dallin Elementary, Ottoson, and AHS. I am looking for work, and I can babysit and give saxophone and/or flute lessons to anyone who needs a teacher for their young musicians (I am concentrating in music at school). please contact me throught the list, via email ( OR, or on my cell phone (617-372-6908, which is most reliable). I look forward to hearing from you! (Updated 06/09)

Victor Rodrigues

Hi guys
I love this town
I worked on this town for a painting company For more than 5 years. But i Opened my own business and need some Opportunities and of course offering a very good price with good quality always to make more clients and friends.
If you guys help I’m be very happy and grateful 6178529728 (Updated 08/20)

Brian Rogalski

I am a native of Connecticut, then after high school moved to Boston to persue education and a job in computer science. I have been around Boston and now have decided to move (for the last time until I buy a house of my own that is) to Arlington.I love the town, my neighbors are very pleasent and so far I have even run into people I know in the store. I live on Johnson RD. by Mill st with a friend of mine Jeff. I currently work for Fidelity Investments in Information Security. Jeff is the town administrator for the town of Belmont. I am currently spending my time playing the piano, cooking thanksgiving dinner for my parents and playing football, tennis, and basketball on a regular basis. I have even been interested in biking lately as well. (Updated 11/05)

David Rosenthal

We (my wife Kim, my daughter Arielle, 7, and my son Julius, 3) have lived in Arlington for around 9 years total, though there was a break when we lived in Japan. We've owned a two-family on Coleman Road since 1997 and we're very grateful to all you other Arlingtonians for being such high-toned folks that our property value went up so much. Our other investments haven't panned out nearly as well. Kim and I both went to Brandeis, which isn't how we met, though it is why I came out east; I grew up in Chicago. Kim likes to garden and our backyard is gorgeous when the flowers are blooming. I like to play the piano, which is also a perfectly good hobby, doesn't involve so much dirt and insects. I do mow the lawn occasionally. I'm a software engineering manager, currently between jobs, an interesting phrase which is meant to convey the idea of a stretch of time, including the present, bounded on both sides by periods of employment. As yet, I've actually only determined the existence of one of these boundaries. (Updated 10/02)

Ken Rossi

I was born and raised in the heights, right across the street from the Dallin School. I was in the first class that started in Kinder and went through 6th grade, attended the Junior High West (now Ottoson) and graduated from Arlington High. After a couple of bizzare years in college, I became a government employee, which is a nice way to say I entered the military. I spent 20 years traveling all over but rarely returned to Arlington. I finally settled in Hawaii and teach at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu. I have five kids, a daughter who is married and lives in Toronto with her husband and step daughter, another daughter who is married and living in Georgia with her husband and son, a daughter who is a soon-to-be senior communications major at HPU, a son who is a junior at Damien High School and plays football and basketball and my youngist daugther who is in the 6th grde at Our lady of Perpetual Help School (some of you may have seen the book, "God's Photo Albumn", it was written by the students at my dausghter's school) who plays volleyball and basketball also. We have one dog (wrinkles - a Shar Pei/Labrador retriever/Daschound mix, 2 surfboards, an old jeep, 4 bikes and a Harley. I was a list member a while ago, dropped off and have since dropped back on. Its kind of nice to see what's going on in the old hometown. I spent the 4th of July (2003)in Arlington and it is still a cool place. My kids really enjoy visiting, though we don't make it here aften enough. My parents used to be one of the youngest families in their neighborhood but are now among the very oldest. There is a world of difference between Hawaii and Arlington (much more than the temperature of the ocean and the number of surfing days one can squeeze in each year!) I think I prefer my old Jeep without a top or heater and being able to surf and ride my bike (Harley) 12 months out of the year, but, I still love Arlington. It was a great place to grow up. (Updated 06/05)

Steve Rothman

I live with my wife, my two kids, and two cats, in a cute little Cape in the Heights.

I'm very interested in how e-communities like mailing lists and web forums function and how they can be improved.

(Updated 12/06)

Gabrielle Roubert

We are French and after living in different countries we moved from France 2 years ago and as my husband works here in Arlington we bought part of a condo here.We have 4 children ,2 still living with us and 2 "big "ones!
I teach French and English as foreign languages and I also taught french cooking and am willing to start this again.
My 2 sons attend Arlington Middle and Arlington High (Updated 01/05)

Beth Ryan

I have been on the list since 1999 when there were only 30 people chatting. For 2 years, I organized the list dinners each month.

I moved to Arlington in December 1997 when I bought a 2 family in East Arlington. At that time I worked for a software company and working way too many hours. I left that job and spent 7 months traveling around the world. I visited 15 countries. While I was away I worked with Mike McCabe and the Thompson School to provide a web site for the kids to follow my journey. We had live chats, posted pictures and journal entries and set up pen pal programs for the kids in Africa, Indonesia and Nepal.

When I returned I became a town meeting member, got more involved politically and started Exclusively Arlington which is a welcome wagon of sorts. We provide binders of information about Arlington to new residents. Feel free to visit our web site at

I then became a consultant for the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and organized the Holiday Stroll in the Heights in December and the Summer Concert Series in Arlington Center.

After 6 years in Arlington, I realized that what I was missing was family. So, I packed up my belongings and have moved to LA where I have tons of family. It's quite a switch from the small town feel of Arlington, but it offers tons of opportunities and the chance to be with family.

Who knows where I will end up next... (Updated 01/04)

Alison Ryland

Lived in East Arlington for three years, worked at a small tech company and recently started working as an admin at MIT. (Updated 05/18)

Barbara A Samulevich


I am seeking a large studio or 1 bedroom apartment close to Mass Avenue. Ideally, I would like a seperate, functional and modern kitchen. I am willing to consider a garden level apartment as long as there is ample natural light.

I am a responsible professional woman. I hope to have an apartment for February 1.

Thank You

Barb (Updated 01/07)

Lisa Sansom

We just moved to Arlington from Kingston, ON, Canada and we are here for one year until August 2011. We have two boys, ages 8 and 6, at Thompson. My husband is on sabbatical teaching physics at Harvard. I have a background in leadership development training and organizational effectiveness consulting, with a recent degree in applied positive psychology. We're an eclectic bunch! Happy to meet other families and learn more about Arlington goings-on! In case anyone is interested in the work that I do or learning more about applied positive psychology, my website is LVS Consulting . And/or email me! (Updated 09/10)

Paul Schlichtman

live in Arlington Center in an eighth floor condo with views of the treetops and the pineapple atop Town Hall. I
was born and raised on Long Island. I have an undergraduate degree from
the City University of New York, and I had a variety of jobs (newspaper
editor, high school math teacher, gifted and talented teacher, and
instructor at the New York City Taxi Drivers Institute) prior to coming to
Harvard for graduate school (1989). I currently work for the Lowell Public
Schools as the district coordinator for Research, Testing and Assessment.
I was a Town Meeting Member from 1993 to 2003. I was Arlington's
representative on the Minuteman Regional School Committee from 1997-2001,
and I was elected to the Arlington School Committee on March 31, 2001. In 2004, I served as president of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees. You
can read more about me on my website. (Updated 11/05)

Betsy Schwartz

I've lived in Arlington since Dec 1996, and have a teenage daughter. We live in the lowlands of the Heights, near the Reservoir. I started the Arlington list with a sign-up sheet at the Mt. Gilboa playground construction site. It has succeeded beyond my imagining. I'm a Unix SysAdmin, belong to Temple B'nai Brith in Somerville and I'm trying to learn Hebrew and how to play chess, and start commuting by bicycle to work. I work at e-Dialog in Burlington; formerly at Harvard, Genuity/GTE Internetworking/BBN and UMass/Boston.

Ask me about the ex-Genuity list!

A few pictures of the first Arlington List Dinner, the great Chinese Food taste-off,Sunday April 11, 1999, are at my old UMass/Boston web site at
(I never did get around to learning Web page design...) (Updated 10/10)

Rebecca Searl

I moved to Arlington in May, 2001 from Austin, TX. Grew up in Rochester, NY, graduated from Rice University in Houston in 2000. As they say, I wasn't born in Texas but I got there as soon as I could. It's really a great place; everyone should give it a try! I'm here now to complete the pre-requisite science courses for applying to vet schools. My applications are done...keep your fingers crossed for good news! I am employed as a vet tech at the Winchester Vet Group, but my real love is wildlife. I love to swim and bike, and I hate to run. I have an obsessive cooking passion, and spend a good portion of my day thinking about what to make for dinner. I have two dogs, Sparkle and Wrigley, who are quite possibly the most spoiled creatures on the planet. I live with my boyfriend, Nate, who spends as much time as he can playing Ultimate in various leagues around town. (Updated 01/03)

Al Senesi

Growing up in Somerville, I thought Arlington would be a great place to live. In 1971 I was fortunate enough to marry an Arlingtron girl, not necessarily for that reason, and moved to her hometown. I was right about Arlington, it is a great place. We've lived in our present home in the Peirce School area since 1977 where we raised our two sons. I was employed as a Manufacturers' Representative selling semiconductors and some associated electronics, but am now retired. My interests include the guitar, gardening/landscaping, reading, hockey, Italian culture, USPSA and history. (Updated )

Will Serwetman

My wife Lea and I are newcomers to Arlington. We moved into our apartment on Mass Ave in Arlington Center from Newton after we we got married in 2003. I'm now 29 and work as an attorney (specializing in Real Estate and Small Business law) for Clerc & Associates, P.C., a small firm located on Mass Ave. pretty much across the street from where I live-- gotta love the commute! Some of my hobbies include photography, strategy gaming, science fiction, and the shooting sports. (Updated 04/06)

Edward Shaw

(Updated 05/07)

Hannah Simon

Moved here in January 1997 after having lived in NYC/NJ area most of my life. Took early retirement from position as Director of Mental Health Agency. Current interests/activities: GaGa Grandma (2 grandkids in Arlington and two 2 in Oregon), travel (especially visits to Oregon!);Life Long Learning at Osher program at Tufts, both as a student and study group leader;Holocaust history/issues (I am a child survivor), genealogy, education books, theater, community building. Barnard College Club of Boston, Democratic politics. We live near Mount Pleasant Cemetery. (Updated 08/11)

Larry Slotnick

Resident of East Arlington since 2008, with two kids currently in the Thompson School (2017.) My recent work history includes starting up Zipcar, LivableStreets Alliance, and Taza Chocolate. I've served on the Arlington Recycling Committee since 2015, and have been a volunteer for Food Link since 2015 as well. One of my strongest interests nowadays is helping the Town increase residential participation in food scrap recycling and composting. On the A-List I'm mainly attempting to recycle "stuff" ... either incoming or outgoing...and not send it to landfill or incineration. I also assist neighbors with their property management and maintenance needs. (Updated 02/17)

Jill H Small

I'm the new interim pastor at Park Avenue Congregational Church - United Church of Christ.

It's been great meeting folks at the church and I'm eager to connect with the rest of the community too. In addition to my office hours at the church, I'm at Starbucks on Mass Ave (next to Trader Joe's) on Wednesdays from 9-11 a.m. for "community hours". Look for the rainbow comma pin: that's me! (Updated )

Dick Smith

Richard E. Smith, more commonly known as Dick Smith. JD Degree from Harvard Law school 1961, and have lived in Arlington since 1963. Movie addict. Active in local and state politics for many years; Town Meeting Member for almost 30 years. Executive Secretary of the Town's Finance Committee for about 25 years. Founder of Arlington-Nagaokakyo Sister City relationship, which resulted in 25 trips to Japan (and 8 trips to China via a relationship between our Japan Sister City and its China Sister City, Ningbo). Retired from Bank of Boston 1990. Since 1993, capital markets legal consultant in number of former communist countries (Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria)and Egypt. Between projects, travel with my wife Ann, most recently to Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Morocco, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, UK, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. (Updated 04/07)

Linda Smith

I am an off and on lifelong resident of Arlington (went to Parmenter before going on to five different high schools). I am married to an artist and playright ( and have a college-age daughter ( To keep the lights on I work as a project manager in hi tech but my passion is my handbag business Elle Lumiere ( which I run with my daughter (who does all the graphic design, web work etc). Hobbies are sewing, tennis (looking for 3.0+ women to play with)and watching reruns of Stargate. (Updated 10/05)

steve smith

Hi! I'm one of those folks who is not an Arlington resident but secretly wants to be. Actually, I spend a good deal of my time in Arlington. You may see me stuffing my face at Lakota or Panera, picking up photocopies at Swifty, or riding my bike with my kids on the bike path. I am currently president of the Arlington Children's Theater (, a great organization of parents who've gotten together to provide terrific, low-cost theater experiences for kids here and in surrounding areas. We've recently formed a partnership with Wheelock Family Theatre to start offering their workshops with us. Come check out our website, see a show, take a workshop, join the board. We'd love to have you. (Updated 02/04)

steve smith

Hi! I'm one of those folks who is not an Arlington resident but secretly wants to be. Actually, I spend a good deal of my time in Arlington. You may see me stuffing my face at Lakota or Panera, picking up photocopies at Swifty, or riding my bike with my kids on the bike path. I am currently president of the Arlington Children's Theater (, a great organization of parents who've gotten together to provide terrific, low-cost theater experiences for kids here and in surrounding areas. We've recently formed a partnership with Wheelock Family Theatre to start offering their workshops with us. Come check out our website, see a show, take a workshop, join the board. We'd love to have you. (Updated 02/06)

Marina Sofronova

I have my own practice of Reconnective Healing in Arlington (near Mystic Lake).
It is much more comprehensive healing and far beyond other known energy healing.
It is a unique system that has the ability to activate healing potential within the body. It returns you to balance on all levels: physical, mental,spiritual and emotional. Each experience is unique but many experience profound results.
I do sessions both with people and animals.
(Updated 06/08)

Bob Sprague

The publisher of since 2006, I have been a member of this list since 1997.

Find out more at
(Updated 06/19)

availiable nanny sptember

My name is Monica, and I'm a nanny and also a teacher.
I live in somerville, Boston area.and I'm a baby sitter right now.
I've been working full time this summer for a American family in Arlington, and I'm looking for morning job after this summer.
I’m from Brazil where I was a teacher of child development and music. In Brazil I used to live with my parents and my six siblings and two of them are adopted.
My sisters were adopted new born. I helped my mother taking care of my little sisters, giving baths, changing diapers, playing and feeding.
I’m a really organized, calm, patient and happy person.
I was a teacher because I love to work with kids.
In Brazil I worked as a teacher of child development during one year teaching 20 students between the ages 1 and 2 and I also helped with the new born.I just loved to worked with this age,I love babys.
At the school I did many recreative activities and pedagogic, like, drawing, painting, dancing and music. I also cared of personal hygiene of the kids with baths, diapers, washing hands, brushing teeth, etc.
It was very gratefully when I could see the development happening as their first words or first steps, but the most important to me was when I could notice that they had learned how to respect each other.
One of my passions was being a music teacher and I did this job at a beneficent society with kids between 7 and 13 years old. That was a wonderful work where the kids learned and at the same time had fun. This program was even cultural with the kids learning songs of all around the country and their history.
I had a good experience with special kids needs, I helped with medicine, care, attention, because the kids was very activity.
Just give me a call 617 388 18 32.And I'll be happy to answer any question and also can give all the references that you need
Thanks Monica

(Updated 09/08)

Deanna L Stacchi

My family has been living here for almost 90 years. I was born and raised in Arlington, as were my father and grandfather. I currently live here with my husband and three children only one block from where I grew up. I can even stand on my front porch and see the house where my grandfather grew up more than 85 years ago. I attended Menotomy Preschool, Brackett Elementary School, Ottoson Junior High, Arlington Catholic for two years and Arlington High School for two years, graduating from AHS as a member of the Class of 1994. After college I worked at the Dallin Elementary School in both the Special Education department and the Afterschool Connection. (Updated 08/08)

Eileen D. Stack

I am the administrator for Feeding Ourselves, inc. Feeding Ourselves is a mental health organization that offers workshops and counseling for those individuals who struggle with compulsive overeating, binge eating, yo-yo dieting, bulimia, and poor body image. Feeding Ourselves is an effective alternative to dieting, which for most people is at best only a temporary solution to their eating problem. We believe that losing weight and changing self-destructive eating patterns require more than just a "little will power".
Instead of a magic formula, we offer a comprehensive approach which combines psychological awareness with behavioral techniques fr establiahing a positive relationship to food- tools which can lead to weight loss and lasting change.
Since 1975, over 3,000 people have completed our program. We are located in Arlington, and our phone number is (781) 643-7977.

(Updated 07/06)

Will B Stamell

My name is Will Stamell, I have lived in Arlington since birth (about 21 years in May 2009). I attended Leslie Ellis Pre-School, Dallin Elementary, Ottoson Middle, and graduated from arlington High in 2006. I am currently attending Oberlin College '10, in Oberlin, Ohio, and right now am typing from Mombasa, Kenya, where I have been studying abroad for the semester.
When I return from Kenya on May 17th I will desperatly be searching for work. If a position at Arlington Boys and Girls Club does not go through then I would love to find odd-jobs around Arlington until August, hopefully from you!
If you have any task that needs attention, be it manual labor or a dog that needs food and water while you go on vacation, please contact me either through the list, email at, or call at 781-608-1727 starting on May 17th.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!
(Updated 04/09)

Cindy Starks

Arlington resident and Bishop parent of 2 for 5 years. Advocate for educating the community and anyone who will listen about food allergies. I am an avid football fan and a work-out addict, so can often be found running around town or at Gold's gym. (Updated 01/04)

Ann  Steinbach

My husband and I are empty nesters who downsized and moved to Arlington just a few months ago. We have three grown children who live in the area. Our youngest is in college so he lives with us when he's on break. We both lived here as young singles and we were always hoping to move back here. I've lived in the area my whole life so I know Arlington well. Arlington has a great convenient location with lots to do for people of all ages. We're enjoying getting reacquainted with Arlington by visiting all the great restaurants, the bike path and Menotomy Rocks. We also keep busy by running a home based accounting and bookkeeping business ( With over thirty years of experience my husband is the CPA and I do the bookkeeping. The great part is that we can offer a wide range of accounting services for small and medium sized businesses at a low cost since we do all of our work remotely. Check out our website for all of our contact information along with the services we provide. (Updated )

Jan Stetson

for the Arlington List web site.
Have you used the list to recommend your favorite doctor, lawyer, indian
chief? You've probably gotten an email from me asking to use your post on
the site. I'm also webmaster for New
England Focusing
, a listing of local Focusing teachers. My day job is
technical writer for Curl Corporation, a
small Cambridge software company. I moved to Arlington in the early
eighties, and live just down the hill from Brackett school with my husband
Mark, two children, and six cats. I'm an avid gardener, blessed with a big
(for Arlington) back yard. Every halloween, I carve sculptured faces in
giant pumpkins. Visit my

online pumpkin gallery

or visit Arena Farm in Concord. (Updated 08/03)

Al Stevens

My wife Doreen and I have lived on Jason Street in Arlington since 1978. Our two children, one now gainfully employed and the other finishing college, grew up in Arlington. By day, I work for a small software company in Maynard. In some of my extra time I serve as Webmaster for the Arlington Historical Society,, the Arlington Center for the Arts, and the Brooks Estate (in Medford), (Updated 11/03)

Rich M Sullivan

Outside of Mr Marzilli, I'm one of the few "native' Arlingtonians, Spy Ponders, or what-have-you's, on this site. I was born in Arlington in 1957, in what we call the the Turkey Hill area, of the Heights. I attended St James Parochial School,(long gone)the Junior High West(now Ottoson) and of course AHS.
My Dad was Joseph Sullivan, who was the town engineer for nearly 50 years, and laid out many of the home lots and streets built after WW2. My mom and Dad were both from Arlington, having been born here in 1908, and 1914.
I'm not a software engineer, yoga instructor, or kayaker, but it all sounds fun!
I've lived all over the state, and now reside in Medford, because we couldn't afford the Arlington dream, but...someday..someday...
Hey, Joe, say hi to your brother, Dave Marsilli, I believe? great kid in high school! Anyway, nice to be aboard. (Updated 01/08)

Patricia S Sweet


My name is Patricia Sweet and I have recently moved to Arlington. I've been DJ Boom Boom for the last 15 years. For several years I lived in Brooklyn and worked in Manhattan. In 2008 I relocated back to New England. I love all kinds of music: Funk, Soul, R&B, Blues, Mambo, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Reggae, Disco, Electro, House, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Trip Hop, Pop, Mashups, Rock and of course good Hip Hop. While living in New York I worked in the film & television industry as well as for Caroline Distribution (owned by EMI/Virgin/Capitol Records) the largest third party independent music distributor in the United States. Simply put, I love music and enjoy making people get down on the floor!

Here are just some of the venues where I have DJed in Manhattan, Brooklyn and elsewhere over the years:

Sound Bites, Somerville, MA
The Wonder Bar, Allston, MA
The Boom Boom Room, Newport, RI
The Sky Bar, Newport, RI
Mason Dixon, Manhattan
Sugarland, Brooklyn
Queen's Castle, Astoria
Down The Hatch, Manhattan
Jake's Dilemma, Manhattan
Tavern on the Green, Manhattan
Kabin, Manhattan
Triple Crown, Brooklyn
Indigo Blu, Brooklyn
Kingsize, Manhattan
The 169 Bar, Manhattan
The Belt Theater, Manhattan

In addition, I have also DJed tons of private parties (Birthdays, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs Engagements, Anniversaries, Bachelorettes, Sweet 16's, Weddings, Fundraisers and everything in between) all over the New England and Tri-State area. References upon request.

Whatever the age, whatever the occasion if you need a DJ who knows her stuff & can get anyone moving on the dance floor feel free to email me @: or call me anytime after 3 PM @ #978-618-6886

I'm happy to be back home!

(Updated 05/11)

Andrea Taccini

I was raised in Arlington and now live in East Arlington. My job took me to New York City for 4 years. I've travelled to Germany, Italy, Venezuela and Colombia. My favorite pastime is doing research on the internet and learning as much as I can. I hope one day move to Latin America. (Updated 06/04)

eliSabeth w taylor

Greetings. EliSabeth Taylor here, reincarnated, because my fans were so devastated by my passing (including Me!)-- at least i no longer have to keep track of her husbands...

actually, with a name like that i Have to be an actor, with the addition of opera training. My brother's name was Burton Taylor (he died of AIDS at age 47, was a beautiful Classical Danseur with Joffrey Ballet and American Ballet Theatre).

as a Renaissance Woman,
for my "Third Chapter" (see Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot's book of that name), i am a Performance Artist; Shiatsu Practitioner ("Zen Shiatsu Wellness"); Writer/Reporter/Editor; Entrepreneur ("IMPRESARIA PRODUCTIONS); and LifeCoach.

at present, i'm moving to the Heights to be closer to Bailich's 5 & Dime...!
Once accomplished, i'll produce my "One Wombyn Show: What a Life! Random Rants, Raves and Remedies from an Emergent Crone -- X-Rated."
i have many stories to tell and a way with words and song, and am very Blessed with Love, Gratitude and Light "streaming from my fingertips!"

Cheers, Blessings and Belly Laughs.
East Arlington, MA (Updated 05/11)

Lisa the Fruhead

Hi there! I just moved here (5/07) from Bronx, NY and absolutely love the change of pace. I get a lot of slack for the whole baseball rivalry, but take it lightly. I have an extensive Rubik's Cube collection. I love live music and would not have moved here if it wasn't surrounded by great music venues. (Are there any other fruheads in Arlington...?) I have 3 cats, Cosmic, Hobbes and Sasha. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I'm always open to discussion about this, especially since I've never heard of it before. My favorite color is purple and that's been my (Bronx) nickname since the late 1970s. It would be cool if any of y'all would be open for game night, as I find board games and card games fun...but don't have the social life here (yet) to get this going. (Updated 06/07)

William Thorpe

Hi Everyone! I own a franchise called Club Z! In-Home Tutoring that does business in Arlington as well as some of the surrounding towns. We offer In-Home Tutoring for kids from pre-K to 12th grade in all subjects. We've been in business for about 20 years and have over 400 locations nationally. We also offer proprietary Test Prep services (SAT, ACT) as well as Study Skills modules and a Writing Program. Our services differ from most of the other 'box' stores in that our qualified tutors go to your house, working with your schedule (and that of your child). We teach your child's curriculum, not additional material that we bring, so we see dramatic results very quickly! Check out our website for more information ( or give us a call to find out more! (781-369-1444).

Look for us at town events, the chamber of commerce, or at school events...or ask your local school official about our information. We are trying to get informational material out to them soon.

Oh, by the way, I am a father of a 14 and 15 year old who have been I know personally how much it can make a difference in your child's school life. My daughter is currently going through our Study Skills program (Learning Built to Last)...a critical skill usually not taught in middle or high school.

(Updated )

Jenifer Tidwell

I live within sight of the Turkey Hill water tower, in a smaller-than-it-looks house on Forest Street that's "architecturally significant" (old, quirky, and kind of cool). Rich Carreiro, another listmember and Town Meeting member, is my wonderful husband. We have a parrot that terrorizes meter readers, visiting children, and the backyard squirrel population. We're active at Church of Our Saviour in East Arlington, and we both work in software (I as a UI designer/engineer at The MathWorks).

Things I like to do: hiking, rock climbing, skiing of all varieties, stunt-kite flying, rollerblading, reading and writing speculative fiction, Web design, occasional mountaineering, Habitat for Humanity, watching the Patriots, chocolate hacking, digital photography, and long-winded opining on political and professional issues. I work occasionally too. Best things about Arlington: the bike trail, friendly list members, and the restaurants. Mmmm, sushi...
(Updated 02/03)

Robert (Bob) L Tosi Jr

Thanks for your interest. I grew up in Arlington attending former Locke Elementary school, Ottoson Middle School (Jr HS) and Arlington High School graduating in 1985. Live in what is known as Little Scotland neighborhood n Arlington Heights. Received Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Merrimack College. Actively engaged in all things Arlington including Arlington Food Pantry (Arlington EATS), Arlington Council on Aging, Arlington Historical Society & Arlington Tourism & Economic Development Cmte. Longtime elected Town Meeting Member from Precinct 20. Active parishioner at Catholic Parishes of Arlington (St Camillus & St. Agnes) and previously from now closed St James Parish. Currently employed at Minuteman Senior Services as Care Manager. Supporter of Arlington Boys & Girls Club, Cyrus Dallin Art Museum, Old Schwamb Mill, Housing Corporation of Arlington and so much more. Dog lover, Tree Hugger and consummate volunteer. Find me at most any Arlington event or picking up liter to keep Arlington clean and neat. I welcome your calls or e-mails at 857-998-0446 or (Updated 06/21)

Alexis Tsapatsaris

I am the president of the Jokhang Institute and the Drikung Meditation Center.
We provide a spiritual oasis to the residents of Arlington and beyond. Please
visit our web sites,, and our online shop (Updated 09/08)

Kyle Tullos

I moved to Arlington in January. After 40+ years in the south I decided it was time to try someplace with some snow. Boy did I get my wish! I recently opened an antique store in Arlington -- Arlington Antiques & Collectibles. We are open everyday except Monday, and located on Mass Ave beneath "Wild Women". We are a multi-dealer shop with over 25 dealers, each specializing in something different. It's a fun place with something for everyone. Stop by and say 'Hi' sometime. (Updated 07/05)

Clare Tyler

Hello. I have been a resident of Arlington since 1996 and absolutely love it here. If you enjoy walking as I do, you may have passed me while out and about in the Heights area and around Arlington Center. I'm 61 years young and am employed by a financial services company. (Updated 07/08)

lori uhland

My partner David, daughter Katherine, and I live near the Pierce School. We renovated our little house there in 1998. I am a former window-dresser, corporate marketing director, elementary school teacher, and cooking demonstrator. I am currently planning parties at (Updated 01/06)

lori uhland

My partner David, daughter Katherine, and have been in Arlington about 13 years. We gut-renovated our little farmhouse on Park Ave Ext in 1998 and moved to our mod place on Turkey Hill in 2009. I am a former window-dresser, marketing director, elementary school teacher, cooking demonstrator, and event planner. I am currently staging and decorating homes at (Updated 10/11)

Jenn Umali

My husband Rick and I have lived on Brand St. since 1997. Previously, I've lived in and around the Center for about 8 years. We have a daughter, Mia, born 03/01. I work part-time as a Corporate Librarian, have a B.A in History from B.U., and an M.S. in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. Likes: the quirkiness of Arlington, heated discussions on the list, Vicki Chambers' beef stew, Shanghai Village's Crispy Shrimp with Hot Sauce, and nap time. Dislikes: when feelings get hurt on the list, stepping on Cheerios, and looking for parking when I get my hair cut at Ripples. When I'm not having a barrel of fun with Mia, I enjoy reading, baking, and watching the New England Revolution. (Updated 11/02)

Rick Umali

Husband, father, homeowner. Jenn and I live on Brand Street, off Forest Street. We have a daughter named Mia. We have lived in Arlington since 1997. We enjoy the Arlington Cafe and Shanghai Village. I write a BLOG. (Updated )

Matthew Urciuoli

After listening to me brag about East Arlington and what we are doing in the neighborhood. A few friends starting calling me "The mayor of East Arlington".
It's a title I find myself owning more each year.
Whether I'm mowing a neighbor's lawn or helping a would-be-neighbor buy a home in our neighborhood.
That sense of community ownership is something I found in East Arlington.
That is a feeling I am proud to continue with my family.
Here if you need me, Matt (Updated 12/16)

Danny van Leeuwen

My wife, Ann Boland, and I are moving to Arlington January 18, 2008, from Cobleskill, NY to be near our grown children who are married and live in Somerville and JP. I am a nurse working in healthcare administration with a job at Children's. My wife is an occupational therapist. I play baritone saxophone - dedicated amateur who reads well, improvises a bit and have played in several community big bands and community concert bands. I'm looking to get connected with the amateur music scene in Arlington - ideally find a small combo to play in. (Updated 01/08)

Bruce Veivia

I've lived in various parts of Arlington for most of the past 25 years and love going into stores where the workers know my name or recognize me. I go to the UU church (new) and try to do most of my spending in town (keep that money local). I make jewelry and spent a season at the Farmers' Market with my display...until the recession hit. I've one son who's an EMT in Cambridge and soon to be a paramedic. I did spend 13 months living and traveling around the US in a motor home and hope someday to get back to that. Winter in a warm sunny place can be quite relaxing :) (Updated 11/10)

Valerie Marie Vest


I have lived in Arlington for 6 years and about a year ago opened a small weight loss business on Mass Ave called Ideal Weight Loss Professionals. I thought joining the list would be a great way to network with other business owners as well as reach out to people interested in my diet program. I have had many successful dieters over the past year some losing more than 70 pounds but I have also had brides come in that are just trying to lose a quick ten pounds before their wedding date. My protocol is based on a low carb, high protein diet which puts the body into a ketogenic state. It's quite fascinating how using science can help with the problems we have been facing with obesity. I am a great support to everyone that comes in to see me. Typically my dieters will come in once a week to purchase their food, get weighed in, and discuss any potential issues that arose during the week. My success is their success and I take a personal interest in everyone that comes to me. All of my marketing has been word of mouth and I find that they become walking billboards of their personal goals and achievements. Even if you are not in need of my services I have a great referral program. You can find me on facebook (Ideal Weight Loss Professionals), or my website (not the best sight but there is some good info on there), or just email me at Thanks for taking the time to read this! (Updated )

Ephraim Vishniac

Software engineer for Ab Initio Software in Lexington. I juggle and unicycle, but not as much
as I skate (in-line) on the Minuteman Trail and build stuff from K'nex and
other engineering toys. Married over twenty years, lived in Arlington just
a year less. Two sons, one each at Stratton and Arlington High School. Home page. (Updated 09/02)

Jodi B Wallo

Hi! I 'm a former resident of Arlington and now live in Ann Arbor, MI for family reasons. I lived in Arlington from 1994 - 2001, and in the Boston area from 1985 prior. I'm good friends with Paul Schlichtman and a few others may remember me from the early days of this list. I was very active politically in both State and local races, and Town Meeting. I miss New England style politics very much.

Currently, I'm a student at Eastern Michigan University studying Psychology and Children's Literature. I also work at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washtenaw County, and volunteer in a private school for students with learning challenges.

When I lived in Boston, my professional background was based in in the fields of arbitration, nonprofits, and as a Consultant to the City of Boston. I also have degrees from Boston and Suffolk Universities. My mid-career transition is going wel,l and I plan to earn a Master's in Social Work next! My next professional goal is to work with kids with learning challenges! (Updated 11/12)

John Stephen Ward

I am a 79 YO service connected disabled Air Force veteran who has lived in Arlington for 3 1/2 years. I have family that owns a home in Arlington with children going to Arlington Schools and I have an interest in the affairs of local government at all levels.

A retired golf course superintendent and head mechanic since 2001. Making sure that those in positions of authority are held accountable for their actions occupies my time as there is always something that needs the attention of the general public. (Updated 04/21)

Stephen Weil

I moved to Arlington back when three were a few pizza places, a Dunkin' Donuts, and Pewter Pot. I'm so glad that our marvelous melting-pot town has become a food-mecca. My wife and I have two grown girls who have moved out-of-state. We continue to love Arlington far too much to consider moving (at least for now.)

For the last 15 years – in my spare time – I've been helping family and friends make the most of their Apple technology (iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Mac Computers, etc.) In 2013, I officially launched MacInGenius LLC. I offer set-up, troubleshooting, training, and maintenance for home users and small businesses. In addition, I help my clients with Internet security and backup strategies, as well as device and software buying recommendations. I teach iPad courses at Arlington Community Education and I'm a verified, preferred vendor for Cambridge at Home, Newton at Home, and Carlton-Willard at Home. I publish a weekly tips and tricks newsletter that you can view and subscribe to at:

I look forward to helping you enjoy your Apple device(s) in ways you never thought possible. You can contact me at or 781-218-9345 for more information. (Updated )

Rich Wenger

My wife and
I live at 42 Mott Street, between Lake Street and Route 2. I'm a
programmer and system manager, and enjoy reading history and science,
traveling, gardening and singing. I sing with the Apollo Club of Boston, a
men's chorus. My birthday is Jan. 1, so 1-1-2000 had personal meaning to
me. (48, OK?) (Updated 1/00)

Judy Wessells

Lived in Arlington for fifteen years and recently retired from 24 yr. job. Started helping folks as a Professional Organizer. I seem to be doing a lot of work with people getting ready to show and sell their homes, but also love to help people de-clutter. I LOVE to help people clear out their space, and donate as much stuff as possible to the Arlington PTO. (Updated 09/05)

David E. White

David White has been a resident of Arlington for over twenty years.
Although he avoids large racucus gatherings such as the Town Meeting,
he is active with a number of environmentally-focused Town organizations
such as the Conservation Commission and the Open Space Committee.
Yet another MIT graduate, he is somewhat cyber-savy and manages
the websites for the
Vision 2020 Reservoir Committee
and the
Friends of Arlington's Great Meadows.
Professionally he works with the Cambridge consulting group
Synapse Energy Economics.
He has been married to Mary Gilbert the international traveler for nearly
as long as he has lived in Arlington. (Updated 10/02)

Karen N Whittredge

My husband and I have been living in Arlington since 1978 (the Blizzard of....). We have both just retired. I was an elementary school teacher for 25 years and then Assistant Director of a preschool for 4+ years. David was a technical writer but is an artist and does that full time now. We raised two daughter here and have watched the town change dramatically over 30 odd years. (Updated 06/12)

BJ Williams

I am known as BJ Williams. My husband and I have been Arlington residents since 1961. We live in the Morningside section of Arlington adjacent to the Winchester Country Club. I am a former teacher and Director of Drama at Belmont High School, and now direct, produce, and do publicity for Arlington Friends of the Drama, and the Winchester Players. I have recently become a member of the Diversity Task Group. My two happy and successful children are graduates of the Arlington Public Schools through High School, and I sincerely believe that parents are the most important resource and influence in children's lives, not school systems. I have learned more about the Arlington community since I became a member of the List, than I had learned in the last 43 years. Many thanks for the ability to participate in this forum. (Updated 03/04)

Terri M Williams

I just moved to Arlington April 1st, living about a 10 minute walk from Arlington Center. I'm a babysitter/mother's helper, part-time student, and a Christian. (Updated 04/03)

Laura Wirkkala

I have lived in Arlington most of the 18 years since I moved to New England from Wisconsin. Even though I spent time away in Natick and Waltham and Acton, I always found my way back to Arlington. Originally, I came to Boston as an apprentice to a world reknown flutemaker. I became a master flutemaker but after 8 years had to leave that career due to a repetitive strain injury.

I have a degree in Flute Performance and an additional certificate in education. I have taught woodwinds since 1980. I have been sewing and doing handcrafts since I was a child. My accessories business, Wirkkala Designs, has been designing and producing custom-made accessories for flutists since 1989. I was asked to teach some sewing workshops over 7 years ago. 5 years ago, I decided to start teaching from my own studio.

In November of 2006, I moved into a lovely space on Broadway in East Arlington. I teach sewing and crafts to children through adults. I love what I do and have found Arlington to be a supportive community. The Arlington Advocate called me and asked to do an article about my shop, barely one month after I began classes in my new space. Though they missed publishing the article before my Grand Opening/Open House, they did give me front page exposure the following week.

If you happen to have any ideas about classes you would like to see offered, please feel free to contact me. If you would like to stop by and visit to see one of the classes in session, I welcome you. You may want to call ahead to make sure that it is a good time to come. I look forward to meeting many more of my fellow residents in the near future.

Laura Wirkkala
781-646-2463 (Updated 06/07)

Will  Wisdom

Hi, my name is Will Wisdom. I am 27 years old, currently living with my parents at 53 Fisher Road behind Brackett School. I am available for a variety of odd jobs, including shoveling, tutoring, babysitting, moving, house sitting, and home improvement. I have a BS in Molecular Biology from Lehigh University ('06). I enjoy thinking, reading, writing, and the arts. I have a website,, where you can listen to my latest album, "An Ordinary Christmas". I hope to be releasing a Valentine's Day album with the unassuming name "Love (when does the bs end?)" As you can see, I'm looking for full time employment. (Updated 01/11)

Sarah Wolpert

My husband and I recently purchased that decrepit house on Webster St just east of Arlington Center. We are both Electrical Engineers full time and handymen the rest of the time, working hard to get that house inhabitable.

I love to decorate and garden and I keep a blog about it.

I'm looking forward to getting involved in the community and finding some gardening friends to split hostas with! (Updated 04/12)

jeff woodcock

me, my wife Jen, and our dog Booda just moved to Arlington in March of 2009. we live near the Brackett School, so one of us can be seem every morning and afternoon walking Booda around the neighborhood and in Monotomy Rocks Park. i have Celiac Disease, so i am always looking for good Gluten Free food. Trader Joe's is awesome for us celiacs. i have been working for a residential design build firm out of Boston,, for around six years. i have my degree in architecture, a love for woodworking, and a ginormous curiosity for making things. on the side, i own a residential design build company of my own, Designmedium. i look forward to meeting more people in town. (Updated 06/09)

Donna & Chris Wren

We moved to Arlington (near Menotomy Rocks) in 2003 but have lived in Cambridge and Somerville before that since the late 1980's. Chris is a computer science PhD (MIT) and works in Cambridge. Donna is a pediatrician (MIT, then UPenn) and works in an ER in Salem. Two daughters, no pets, and what seems like never enough time. if you're interested in seeing what else we're interested in! (Updated 06/07)

Chris Zerilli

Originally from Long Island, NY, I've been in Massachusetts since '85 and in East Arlington since '92.

I live with my very cute dog, Izzy, and can be found visiting local nursing homes with a great group called Caring Canines Visiting Therapy Dogs, Inc. Currently working for Newton Wellesley Hospital.

Interests include: music (used to play cello & still currently work on piano), art (love watercolors & sketching), dance (especially east/west coast swing), animals (especially Cavalier King Charles Spaniels).

I love Arlington, and hope to meet more of my neighbors. (Updated 05/05)

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